Here’s Some Bad News For The Fans of Paul Walker

Fast and the Furious 8 is one of the most-anticipated movies of 2017 and the added factor to bring more traction towards the movie is the appearance of Paul Walker. The actor’s character Brian O Connor is all set to return in the eighth installment. And it seems like fans are already on the seventh heaven after the reveal. “However”, I know this word is a mood destroyer, but let’s face it. O’ Connor will appear in the Fast 8 but not as much fans are thinking him to appear. According to the Game N Guide, the team is not thinking of going on the same road because Walker was already given the last tribute and the proper exit.

Paul Walker died before he could wrap up his shooting scenes from the last predecessor Fast 7. Things crumble for the moments and the whole world was broke. Thanks to the CGI who brought back the character with the help of his brother Cody and Caleb. In an interview with news.com.au, Vin Diesel opened up his feeling about the CGI use for continuing the Fast 7 project and why he conflicted about it.

paul walker

“The debate is pixels versus people. I already gave power to pixels versus people, just by completing Fast 7, right? We shot a third of it without the person, with only the pixels. And once you do that, where does it end?” said in the report.

Now, the eight installment and the on-set reveals have raised the bar of expectations from the fans, now the thing is whether the franchise would be able to steal the hearts of moviegoers. During the interview, Diesel shared his conversation with one of the executives of Universal Studios. He said: “There was a [Universal Studios] executive who said to me, ‘Someday in the future, in the Fast universe, the audience is going to want to see Brian O’Connor come back.”

Yes, Sir! We want him more like the way he was!

Fast 8 will hit the big screens on April 12, 2017.

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