Wonder Woman and an Invisible Jet

After revealing a Wonder Woman Barbie, a Katana Girl doll and a Joker action figure based on Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad impersonation, Mattel released an exclusive Wonder Woman action figure, packaged with her invisible jet. Except for the fact that the package looks a lot like a plane rather than an actual jet, it’s a pretty awesome collectible. Also, some fans did question the use of a jet, since many versions of Wonder Woman can fly.

Wonder Woman

While some DC character’s lore like Batman and Superman are more popular, Wonder Woman’s background isn’t that well-known. That is probably one of the reasons that led her movie to be an origin story. And with other movies like Aquaman and Justice League, it’s clear that DC is trying to lay the groundwork for the same kind of extended universe Marvel created with the Avengers. Taking place during the World War I, Wonder Woman could be to Captain America: The First Avenger of DC, and Aquaman, the powerful god from another world, could be the Thor of the same universe.

Since we’re comparing both franchises, let’s push it a little further. Many viewers were deceived by DC for taking itself too seriously in movies like Batman V Superman. While it might be too much at times, the fact they embrace a darker cinematic style makes some villains look a lot more badass. Let’s be honest, no one was truly scared of what Ultron or Helmut Zemo could do, and that’s exactly what DC can do better. While Marvel does a good job on showing the human side of superheroes, their villains are sometimes worth no interest.

It might be hard to see the bright side of DC because Marvel is so dominant right now, but let’s not forget that both universes are bringing superheroes to the big screen and that we should be grateful to have the possibility to watch so many superheroes films.


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