Kevin Feige Wanted ‘200% More Goose’ in Captain Marvel

Among the many interesting things in Captain Marvel, her cat Goose was the highlight. The little cat simply had taken over all the headlines even before the release of the film. In fact, the cat managed to grab a fair share of attention despite having a lot of other great characters in the film. And, at the end of the day, we all wanted to see more of ‘Goose the cat’ in Captain Marvel. Well, you’ll feel good about your choice, because the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige also wanted to see more of Goose in the film. Apparently, there weren’t a lot of Goose scenes in the film when Fiege saw it for the first time and immediately asked for more of them.

Captain Marvel Goose Kevin Feige

So, all the credits of these incredibly funny and memorable Goose scenes in the film go to Fiege. Co-director, Anna Boden, in an interview, revealed,

“When we were working on the first outline for this movie and we shared it with Kevin Feige, his first note was, ‘We need 200 percent more Goose,”

Captain Marvel Goose Kevin Feige

Now, another amazing fact about Goose has been revealed by the producer of the film Jonathan Schwartz. He told D23 in an interview that not one but a team of cats together played Goose. He said,

“There’s Reggie, there’s Archie, there’s Rizzo, and there’s Gonzo. They’re an A-team of cats who can all do one trick — because you can’t teach cats to do that much.”

Captain Marvel Goose Kevin Feige

“I learned all about cats during the course of this movie. One of them is the face cat, a pretty cat—that’s Reggie. One of them is the holding cat, who only can be held. One of them is the nuzzling cat who will walk up to your leg and nuzzle it. And one of them is the cat who will paw you.”

Well, now Captain Marvel is available on Movies Anywhere and Digital now. Also, the film is going to come on Blu-ray on June 11th.

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