10 Unknown Superpowers of Black Widow, The Assassin From Hell

Black Widow is the first and only female founding member of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As the MCU’s leading assassin, Black Widow has done it all and seen it all. She also happens to have a rich and diverse history in the comic books, a history that almost no one has any idea about. Presenting – 10 Unknown Superpowers of Black Widow, the Assassin from Hell!

 1. She does not age

Natasha Romanova became the Black Widow after entering the Soviet Red Room program. She was given various biological upgrades. One of those upgrades was a delayed aging mechanism. Captain America has a similar power but it is derived from his body’s ability to replace damaged cells at an accelerated pace. Black Widow’s body resists aging itself. Her cells just do not break down.

 2. Super Speed

The Black Widow is fast. But she is not stupid fast like Quicksilver or Slingshot. Black Widow can run at a maximum of 35 miles per hour. This puts her speed squarely the same as jet fighter ready to take off. She has even chased down a plane barefoot while the rest would require a car to do the same.

 3. Healing Factor

Black Widow has been given a plethora of biological enhancements that grant her besides a slew of other abilities, a healing factor. She can heal back from wounds that generally take months to heal in a matter of days. The only side effect of this ability is that Natasha cannot have children because of the said bodily modifications.

 4. Split personalitySuperpowers of Black Widow

Natasha is the closest thing the Avengers have to another Marvel superhero, Legion. Both Legion and Black Widow suffer from what is called a split personality disorder. But while legion was born with it, Natalia was conditioned into having multiple alternate aliases she can access at a moment’s notice, each with a different skill set she can harness and use.

 5. Enhanced Durability

Durability is not an attribute you provide an assassin with. But Black Widow has it. She has taken blows from opponents much bigger and stronger than her and lived to tell the tale. In one issue, Natasha was even shot and fell from the roof of a multi-storeyed building. She would then get up, dust herself and get back into the fight as of nothing happened.

 6. Super quick reflexes

This might look like a common ability of hers but trust us, it goes well beyond your wildest expectations. Natasha Romanova has cat-like reflexes. While once in a fight against former Shield agent Quinn in a particular Daredevil issue, she was so fast while dodging bullets that Quinn thought Natasha was bulletproof.

 7. Hypnosis

This ability might not be canon to the mainstream continuity. But it is featured in the Mutant-X reality in the comic books. In that reality, Black Widow actually possesses the abilities of a spider. She can spin webs, walk on walls and even hypnotize her enemies into revealing critical information and forcing them to do tasks against their will.

 8. Resistance to telepathic attacks

The Black Widow has the ability to block psychic intruders out of her mind. This is an ability that was granted to her via the many experiments in the Red Room. She is physically more resilient but her mental prowess to resist psychological as well as psychic torture and pain is also superhuman.

 9. She learns super-humanly fast

Natasha’s ability to grasp new knowledge is well beyond that of a normal human being. Take this, for example, Natasha learned to hack in a matter of hours, something that takes years for even the best and brightest years to master. Natasha’s ability helps her, apart from learning new skills, the ability to blend in. it only takes her minutes to understand a local language, right to the very details of its accent and dialect. This ability makes her a legendary infiltrator.

 10. She is worthy

Natasha is a stone-cold assassin. A person like her will never be worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Right? WRONG!!! In one reality, Thor is wiped out of existence and the weight of saving the world now falls on Natasha’s shoulders. She then lifts Mjolnir, becomes a Goddess and saves the world. The rest of the heroes then become her Valkyries, her personal task force.

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