10 MCU Characters Who Passed on The Baton to The Upcoming Superheroes

Characters Passed on Baton to Upcoming Superheroes:

After their services to humankind for decades, the old heroes step down and pass the responsibilities to the new ones. It requires a lot of trust in the new candidate, for protecting the world comes with heavyweight and sacrifices. Finally taking the backseat and let the next generation to save the world is not easy for the leaders. These emotional and warm moments as in most of the cases, the torch is passed down to their protégé. Let us recall the 10 times when MCU characters passed on the baton to the upcoming superheroes.

 1. Ancient One

Even though Doctor Strange was the newest follower of the Mystic Arts, the Ancient One trusted his potentials. In her final moments, she communicated with Strange as a spirit and imparted her words of wisdom for one last time. She agreed that Strange wasn’t ready to become the next protector of their dimension, she assured him that no one ever is. She believed in him and made him the next Sorcerer Supreme. Even in Avengers: Endgame when Bruce Banner traveled back in time to retrieve the Time Stone from the Ancient One, she agreed to give the stone only on Doctor Strange’s word. That’s how much she trusted him.

 2. T’Chaka

T’Challa knew that he was the heir for Wakanda’s throne; he never saw it happening so fast. But responsibilities rushed on his way before he could even say a proper goodbye to his father. But T’Challa got his moment in the Ancestral Plane where he met his father, T’Chaka who encouraged him to become the next Black Panther and carry on the tradition.

 3. Iron Man

Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Tony Stark

Before his final years as an Avenger, Tony Stark recruited an intern under his wing and guided him through his journey as a rising superhero, Spider-Man. Tony was like a father-figure to young Peter Parker and mentored him as Avenger. Tony got his happy ending after the Infinity War with Pepper Potts and a daughter but he still risked it all and returned to the battlefield to bring back Peter. After his death, Tony left the high-tech E.D.I.T.H for Peter since he saw the next Tony Stark in Peter. The teen himself a tech enthusiast and would surely make Tony Stark proud. And after Iron Man, Spider-Man is set to be the next face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

 4. Hank Pym

Hank Pym and Scott didn’t have an emotional connection like the other heroes on this list. The former Ant-Man was looking for a suitable candidate to don the Ant-Man suit and takedown Darren Cross. Since he didn’t want anything to do with the S.H.I.E.L.D, Pym tricked Scott to rob his house in order to test his intellectual and analytical skills. As Scott was successful to burgle his home, Pym hired him to do the task.

 5. Captain America

Marvel Superhero Could Replace Captain America

Steve Rogers aka Captain America dedicated his life to the nation. He chose to protect mankind at the cost of his happiness and love, Peggy Carter. And when he knew that he had served his time through World War II and the Endgame, he went back in time to redo everything and have that dance with Peggy.  As this Cap turned old, he chose another retired armed officer, Sam Wilson aka Falcon to become the next Captain America.

 6. Tony Stark

Tony not only passed the baton in the battleground but also in the Stark legacy. Pepper was always the one running the Stark Industries and watching over everything as if it was her own without the CEO title. She even reprimanded Tony for not paying attention to his company when he titled Potts as the CEO of the Stark Industries. We all saw it coming as both Stark Industries and Pepper deserved each other.

 7. Odin

After all the mistakes throughout his life, Odin did the right thing in his final moments. He bestowed the responsibility of Asgard upon the shoulders of both Thor and Loki. Odin bid his goodbyes when Hela’s terror fell on Asgard and reunited the two brothers as the new protectors of the realm.

 8. Thor

Valkyrie was the unsung hero of Asgard who fought for its people and showed exceptional skills as a true leader. She was intelligent, decisive, and strong both physically and mentally to lead New Asgard. After waking up from his grief and returning from the Endgame, Thor gave his throne to Valkyrie.

 9. Hank Pym Again

Hope had always shown a passion to don the Ant-Man suit and fight out there. She has all the qualities and skills to be a superhero. She was intelligent, analytical, and quick on her feet and a great spy and combat fighter. But Hank Pym was afraid to lose her like he lost his wife while she was fighting as the Wasp. But at last, he upgraded the Wasp suit and entrusted his smart daughter with it.

 10. Yondu

Kraglin stood by Yondu’s side through thick and thin even if it threatened his own life. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 when Yondu passed away, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord surprised Krgalin with Yondu’s priced weapon. Even though Kraglin is still clumsy with the fin and arrow, we couldn’t find a better hand for it.

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