The Powers and Abilities of Hercules Explained (Can Hercules Defeat Thor?)

Thor: Love and Thunder has just set up a clash of the titans, or perhaps a clash of the Gods within the MCU. Thor is about to come up against his toughest opponent yet, and that is none other than Hercules. People have wanted a clash between him and Thor for a long while, and the MCU is finally making our wish come true. But is Hercules strong enough to take on the God of Thunder? Well, he is the God of Strength, so I bet he is. Here are the powers and abilities of Hercules.

He is physically the strongest character to come out of Olympus. He is said to have unlimited strength that exceeds the power of his half-brother Ares and even the Sentry. But along with all that might, he also possesses a low level of superhuman speed. So, if and when he were to battle someone like Thor or the Hulk, he could rely on his speed, agility, and fast reflexes to gain an advantage. He could also count on his vast stamina, durability, and invulnerability.


Powers and Abilities of Hercules

Being an Olympian God, he is truly immortal and immune to all known Earthly terrestrial diseases. Resisting conventional injuries, he can sustain any attacks thrown at him. And to top all of that, his Godly physiology also provides him with a regenerative healing factor. So even though we’ve got insanely powerful characters like Captain Marvel, Wanda, or Thor in the MCU, I am pretty confident that he can hold his own against them and even beat them on many occasions.


Besides his powers, he is a master combatant skilled in Greek boxing and wrestling. He is also an expert archer who might even best Hawkeye. He uses the Sword of Peleus to complement his powers, which can cut through any substance. He stole it from Mount Olympus while leaving his home. He also possesses the Golden Mace, which is made out of Adamantine. It was forged by Hephaestus and is easily as strong and durable as Mjolnir. So Thor is going to meet his true match in the MCU.


As far as his weaknesses of Hercules are concerned, there are times when his Alcoholism becomes a burden for him. In the comics, he has also shown a weakness in The Blood of the Hydra. So, if someone wants to take him down or weaken him, they should get their hands on Hydra Blood. That’s exactly what Ares did when he fired hollow point bullets filled with Hydra blood at his half-brother. There are moments when Herc enters a crazy Rage mode and goes completely out of control. So it becomes very difficult to stop him then. This falls under his weaknesses, but he could use it as an advantage when he battles Thor.


Hercules and Thor are quite evenly matched in terms of strength. So, he stands a strong chance at defeating Thor, and that’s why their eventual battle in Thor 5 will be a treat to watch.

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