The One Above All: Most Powerful Being In Marvel Universe Explained!

The One Above All is undoubtedly the most powerful character in the Marvel Multiverse. Be it him being omnipresent or omnipotent, he can take on anyone in the multiverse. This character is somewhere where space and time mean nothing to him. With having the immeasurable strength and unlimited energy, he is that power of the Marvel universe who controls all the forces of nature in the entire Marvel Multiverse. There is not a single way in which he can be harmed. He is more powerful than Odin or Zeus or any other religion’s god. He is the greatest there is and is literally above all.

The popular fan theory has been that “The One above all” is the comics version of Biblical God like figure and he is the supreme being who possess all the power there is in the universe. He has never identified as “God” but Peter always assumed that he is.

He has displayed a tremendous amount of power in raw form but that could also be hypnosis. He has also met Dr. Strange and restored the life of Beta Ray Bill. The Living Tribunal is his right-hand man and is closest to influencing the reality. He is the safe-keeper of the multi-verse. He told Adam Warlock that one hero cannot possess Infinity gems and forced him to split it among members of Infinity Watch. He is a giant humanoid with three faces acting as a Supreme court of the multi-verse. It appointed Adam Warlock as the new Living Tribunal.

James Henry, a Marvel fan puts it aptly:

“Galactus is further above humans than humans are above mice.

Eternity is further above Galactus than Galactus is above humans.

The Living Tribunal is further above Eternity than Eternity is above Galactus.

And the One Above All is even further above The Living Tribunal than he is above Eternity”.

This character was first introduced in Doctor Strange Comics Issue 1, where the Living Tribunal explains to Doctor Strange that he’s nothing but a servant of The One Above All.

First seen in issue 13 of the same comics, this character is taken very seriously by the writers. When asked if the One Above All are actually the writers of the comics, the writers denied but when in Fantastic Four #511 where the team even goes further than existence, they meet the One Above All who is at that time in the form of Jack Kirby, one of the greatest Marvel creators. Kirby there erases the scars that Reed has on his face with a pencil eraser and draws the Thing, making him come in his rock form.


He should not be confused with “One above all” who is the head of Celestials. He was first mentioned by The Living Tribunal and then Dr. Strange encountered the entity. Even in Spider-Man, he appears under the guise of a homeless man at the time when Aunt May is about to die. He consoled him to think of death as a natural part of life and let those we love go when the time comes. But Peter didn’t follow the advice of The One Above All as he fell into the vicious cycle of rage, agony, and depression.

There Peter asks him to take his powers but grants his aunt may life, he explains it to Peter why is it important to understand that whatever happens happens for a reason and whatever happens to us is a mystery. Also, he shows Peter all the people who he has saved.

The One Above All

This character has appeared in many forms until now, sometimes as Kirby, sometimes in another form, sometimes just in a white robe giving life to fallen heroes.

Most of the times, in comic-books, whenever his reference is made, his appearance changes constantly as it’s cosmic, a golden entity that exists beyond the multiverse. Its powers are limitless but some of the major ones include omniscience which is confirmed by Thanos in the issue Thanos – The Infinity Finale 04. It can bring the destroyed reality back which is just insane.

The All powerful One Above All has as of now appeared in 12 issues of the comics, but the fans will have to wait a long time to see him somewhere in the MCU.

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