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Top 10 Facts About Steppenwolf’s Homeworld Apokolips

The DC multiverse is a vast, strange place. It’s filled with oddities and anomalies too intriguing to ignore. One such oddity is the Planet Apokolips. It is the homeworld of the Big Bad Wolf of Zack Snyder’s Justice League- Steppenwolf. Apokolips is a mystery we at QuirkyByte shall help you explore and understand. Here are 10 interesting facts you’d love to know about Steppy, and Darkseid’s home planet.

 10. It exists outside Space and Time

The planet of Apokolips is a part of the Fourth World. A term coined by the legendary Jack Kirby. The fourth world encompasses all good and bad characters of the DC universe trapped in a never-ending battle for supremacy. As a matter of fact, Apokolips isn’t even of this universe. It belongs to a separate plane of existence, like its own private pocket universe. Think of Asgard from the MCU. Apokolips exists in a similar manner with respect to the cosmos.

9. Home to a boatload of baddies besides Darkseid and Steppenwolf


Steppenwolf is just the tip of the Ice Berg. Darkseid may be the ruler of Apokolips but there are still tons of villains who hail from Apokolips. The creepy Granny Goodness, the cunning Glorious Godfrey, and the indestructible Kalibak are just to name a few. The Female Furies –  the universe’s most feared group of warriors also belong to Apokolips.

8. It has a sister planet

In the Fourth World we were speaking off, good and bad locked in an eternal feud. Well, Apokolips is bad, while its counterpart, New Genesis is good. Ruled by the Highfather, New Genesis is the exact opposite of Apokolips. The Pantheon of New Gods from New Genesis boasts of members like Mister Miracle, Orion, Lightray, and Metron.

7. Motherboxes and Fatherboxes

Since the planet exists outside this universe, the only way to reach there is via a Green Lantern Power ring tuned to its specific frequency or a Boom Tube. The former is hard to achieve even for a veteran Lantern. So Mother Boxes are kinda the safest and easiest way to Apokolips. Apart from saving you a busload on Cab fare, Motherboxes also give their owner superhuman physical attributes, magical powers, and a lot of other metahuman abilities. The Apokoliptian version of the Mother Box is called the Father Box.

6. The untold story of The Parademons

The trailer of Justice League showed us a vicious creature of Apokolips aptly called a Parademon. Of different shapes and sizes, they are incredibly huge in numbers and are made up of mostly fallen soldiers of worlds already conquered by Apokolips. When the organic material is phased out of the bodies and replaced with inorganic armor and weapon suites, a Parademon is born.

5. Slave labor

The planet of Apokolips has its own native population called the Lowlies. Subject to constant abuse and torment, the lowlives are made to work in the harshest of conditions with absolutely no safety and supervision. Living conditions are harsh and for them, every day is a fight for survival. The Darkseid War gave us a glimpse of how brutal life can be on the surface of Apokolips.

4. The Hellish Firepits

The first time a firepit was seen on screen was when Batman dreamt of the Knightmare future in Dawn of Justice. But firepits aren’t native to earth. They are the trademark of Apokolips. Workhorses of war and chaos, the firepits help forge the weapons the Parademon armies use. It is where prisoners are trained to ‘let go of their pain’. Superman once fell into one such pit to come out as a completely corrupted but tenfold more powerful version of himself.

3. Possesses the second most advanced technology in DC

The only planet whose technology rivals Apokolips’ is New Genesis. Since all Apokolips ever cares about is waging war, all the technology it develops is geared towards that single objective. Their technology is advanced enough to destroy entire galaxies and is a source of utmost pain and misery throughout the universe.

2. It’s the previous ruler is the first God of Evil

Darkseid is a well-known name. A God amongst his own people, themselves counted amongst New Gods. His very name evokes fear in the hearts of men. Yet the only being Darkseid ever feared was his own father Yuga Khan. The only person with enough juice to make Darkseid bite the dust in combat. A manipulator of The Source, Yuga Khan ventured into the Source wall with every intention of getting past it only to get stuck like the trillions who tried before him. He was recently seen as the God of Evil and Destruction, one of the six gods empowering  Captain Marvel. Darkseid’s ultimate dream- the Anti-Life Equation was once upon a time in possession of this ugly monster.

 1. Lex Luthor once became its king


The Darkseid War led to profound changes for the future of Apokolips. With Darkseid dead(temporarily), everything is forced into utter disarray. Superman and Luthor end up in Apokolips. After Superman falls into a firepit and emerges as a corrupted version of himself, he abandons Luthor on Apokolips to fend for himself. The natives of Apokolips – the Lowlies mistake him for their supposed savior and perform the omega sanction on him. A protocol that’s followed in case of Darkseid’s death. Luthor then turns into the new Darkseid, a God of Evil.

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