3 DC Villains Who Can Easily Defeat Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel and DC are the two forces of the comic book universe which are always giving a tough time to each other. It looks like Marvel’s Avengers is the only epitome of supremacy and mightiness which can easily defeat any clad of the opposite force. The cinematic condition of DC might not be as strong as Marvel, but it does not mean they can mincemeat the comic book force. DC’s villains are one of the fiendish defeaters that can give an equal fight to Avengers. So, without further ado, we bring you three DC super villains who can beat the shit out of Avengers. This is going to be crazy!

1. Mongul


Created by Jim Starlin and Len Wein, Mongul first appeared in DC Comics Presents #27 in November 1980. Mongul has the ultimate potential to go toe-to-toe with Marvel’s Avenger. He can blow an entire planet into bits and can make Superman tickle his brain before considering himself as the strongest in the DC universe. His unremitting killing style makes him one of biggest threats for Avengers. His physical strength and superpower match the potential of Hulk and Thor. He can kick Avengers’ ass easily.

2. Sinestro


This yellow power ring holder first appeared in Green Lantern (vol. 2) # 7 in August 1961. Once being the greatest Green Lantern, Sinestro was held in the high regard for maintaining high order in his universe’ sector. He was later checked out by the Green Lantern Corps. After that, he put a yellow ring. His remorseless nature and ability to generate the amount of energy would need more than a single group of Avengers.

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