5 Strongest ‘Super Powered’ Heroines of DC

Women in their true sense are a personification of power. DC has captured the true essence of the abilities of a woman in their female superheroes, with Wonder Woman it introduced an age of superheroines who are not only equal to their male counterpart but have surpassed their abilities at times.


She could be appreciated as the personification of the energies of the wild. She could expel, from within, the powers of anyone from the animal kingdom owing to her Tantu Totem necklace. Mari McCabe’s mother was killed by an animal poacher, she later became a guard of mother nature. No doubt she looks like strength herself when she is fighting for her purpose, Vixen even teamed up with justice league, defeated Gorilla Grodd with the Flash.

Wonder Woman

An ultimate Amazonian warrior, Wonder Women is the first superheroine to stand equally with Superman and Batman. Wonder woman has seen many interpretations over the years has recently been confirmed as bisexual in DC rebirth. Wonder Women’s weapons, Lasso of Truth, Bracelets and various others make her even more powerful. With her amazing speed, abilities to fly, Diana doesn’t hesitate from killing, unlike her team members.


Being the daughter of an inter-dimensional Demon sure has its perks. Raven, the daughter of Trigon is an immensely powerful user of magic, her skills also include healing, shadow manipulation, foresight and transforming herself into a demon. Sometimes her powers take over her good side too, and she becomes a big problem for the team.


This aggressive beauty is trained as an undersea warrior and assassin. Mera made her debut with “Aquaman” in 1963, she was the princess of Xebel who was sent to kill the King of Atlantis, but lately, she falls in love with the King (Aquaman) and graduates to become the Queen of Atlantis.


Supergirl was introduced in “Action comic” in 1952, she was shown to have rocketed by her parents from Krypton (while it was destroying) to earth. Kara Zor-El has all the strengths of her Kryptonian cousin Superman, Her character was built so powerful that it could pull her own series on the television (CW), also she has starred in multiple animated series, plus a solo series.

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