5 Hottest Superhero Couples From Marvel and DC Universe

We love our superheroes for their heroic deeds, but what connects us with them more is their humane side. Here mentioned are some superhero couples that have proven to be the best in the history of comics.

Black Panther and Storm

This couple came into being together in the late 80’s and eventually got married in 2008. But during the arc of the Avengers VS the X-Men, the couple gets divorced in quite a cold and unemotional way. This was due to the hue and cry made by the fans of having a strong shown together with no historical connection whatsoever, but just on the basis of their skin color.

Green Arrow and Black Canary

This couple came to being together in the 60’s just before they joined the Justice League. Though equals, still opposites the couple who started off with a hard-hitting romance, finally halted and got married in 2008.The couple is also given a lot of light on the CW’s TV show Arrow.

Superman and Wonder Woman

This couple was surely the epitome of Super. They kind of set standards for what a super couple should be like. Strong, powerful otherworldly creatures yet still down to earth living in isolation, but working for the rest of the mankind. Though their romance didn’t last long as it recently ended in the New 52 comics.

Gambit and Rogue

This story might sound new to a lot of fans, as Rogue is seen with Ice Man in the X-Men films but to the comic readers, it sure is a treat. The couple who needs to be at arm’s length else, Gambit could not only lose his powers but also his life, when later in the stories comes in physical contact with each other is a sight to watch.

Batman and Catwoman

superhero couples

Undoubtedly the best ever relationship in the comics, the relationship between Batman and Catwoman is long lasting and has never been very explicit, teasing the fans and increasing its longevity. The relationship is all about Bruce trying to reform Kyle, while she trying to push him over to the wild side. Recently Bruce proposed to Selina for marriage though.

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