5 Superpowers That Make Flash The Unstoppable Force in DC Universe

The fastest man in the world who reaches everywhere in a flick of eyes, Flash first appeared in Showcase #4 in 1956. Also dubbed as Barry Allen and Scarlet Speedster, his connection with Speed Force gives him several abilities than super speed, which make him one of the deadliest superheroes in the DC universe. Today, we will be focusing on his superpowers that include all the incarnations of the character like Wally West, Barry Allen, and Bart Allen. So we bring you five amazing superpowers of Flash from the DC comics that make him the strongest contender against the deadliest DC villains.

1. Speed Force

5 Superpowers Why Flash is Fastest And Strongest Man Alive

The Flash is the fastest Flashes and plausibly the fastest man alive ever. He is the brainchild of Speed Force that enables him to work beyond the limits of an average human capacity. Once he absorbed the Speed Force, he is an unstoppable bullet and can’t be restricted by any force. Moreover, he can traverse through dimensions and can attain any speed levels.

2. Super healing and enhanced perception

Flash’s superhuman healing power helps recover the most serious injuries in hours and it is incredibly strong than a normal human being. His speedster sense is just way fast. He can remember every minute detail of the surrounding scene and can react spontaneously than an average human being’s reaction. It’s like you would keep tickling your gray matter and until you turn around he is gone.

3. Mental Capacity

With the help of Speed Force, his enchanted mental capacity enables him to brainstorm at the speed of light. He can remember the excessive amount of knowledge and data but stay for a short time, unlike Bartholomew Allen II.

4. Vortex formation and Speed Force Aura

The penultimate power the Speed Force, Flash can create cortex by running extremely fast in circles and reaching the extremities of speed. Moreover, he is protected by an aura created by Speed Force just to overcome the natural barrier of friction with the air.

5. Durability

Flash’s strong durability protects him from adverse effects of kinetic impacts and makes him more durable and highly resistant to serious injuries. He has strong muscles and bones which help him to achieve any feat efficiently.

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