The Black Widow Post Credits Scene Was Secretly Explained By The Hawkeye Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seemingly shifted from a movie-based approach to a more episodic approach with the release of OTT shows this year. We received WandaVision and Loki, now What If…? is airing and Hawkeye is on the horizon. In the Infinity Saga, the OTT shows were only used to accentuate the main story but it seems that this has changed. Now the movies’ end credits’ scenes seem to set up OTT shows. This is a nice change of pace since it gives Marvel Studios the chance to flesh out the stories that need a bit more attention than just the length of a feature film. Speaking off, we think that the Black Widow post-credits scene was secretly explained by the Hawkeye trailer.

The Black Widow Post Credits Scene

At the end of Black Widow, we saw that Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine approached Yelena Belova with an assignment unlike any other. The recruiter presented the new Widow with a target to kill. A target that Val ensured her had personal significance to the widow. Val presented Widow with Hawkeye aka Clint Barton as the target and ensured her that he was directly responsible for Black Widow’s death.


Fans of the MCU know that this claim is not technically correct. While Clint was present at the moment Black Widow passed away, he was also trying desperately to save her and sacrifice himself to attain the soul stone. This was quite tragic as the best friends fought each other to determine who gives their life. In the end, Black Widow outwitted Clint and secured her place in history with her sacrifice.


Black Widow Post Credits Scene

The thing is, though, that Yelena does not know any of this. It is unclear just how much of the events of Avengers: Endgame were made public. We do know that time travel was kept a secret from the general public, as confirmed by Far From Home. But were the battle details declassified? Was the populace told about the struggles the heroes had to go through? How Iron Man sacrificed himself, and why there is no Captain America anymore?


We think that only selected details were released, and the details of Natasha’s death were omitted. The Avengers noted that they could not inform anyone about her death because she had no one but them. However, this has turned out to be technically untrue since Endgame. Yelena Belova is the little sister that Natasha loved just like her own family. Yelena will do anything to avenge her sister and Val knows this.


The Black Widow Post Credits Scene

But the real question is why would Val direct the new Widow to attack Hawkeye of all people. If she is part of the US government as she claims to be then she must have knowledge about the Avengers’ exploits in Endgame. If that is the case then Val must be purposefully misleading Yelena. But Why? We think that The Hawkeye trailer has already given us the answer to that question.


The Hawkeye Trailer

The Black Widow Post Credits Scene

In the trailer, we see that Hawkeye has tried retiring after the events of Endgame and will be spending Christmas with his family after a long time. Although, this celebration is cut short by the news of Ronin resurfacing. Now, the audience knows, that Ronin is actually the berserk alter ego of Hawkeye that went on a bloody rampage after his family was snapped away. The general public may not have known this alter ego as the Avenger but other Avengers and the US military did.


This was evidenced by Rhodey’s awareness of the fact. Regardless, there is an underlying saltiness about the entire issue. Our theory is that when Kate Bishop starts moonlighting as the Ronin in New York City she triggers Val to take action against Hawkeye. She may want to terminate a rogue Clint Barton rather than Hawkeye himself. This theory would make sense since the only one skilled enough to take down Hawkeye would be a widow.


The Black Widow Post Credits Scene

We believe that the misunderstanding of this Ronin’s identity ended up putting Yelena on a crash course with the hero. Will this culminate into an epic battle in Hawkeye? We cannot wait to find out. Let us know your opinions about the theory in the comments below. Also, keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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