10 Superheroes Who Fought The Avengers And Made Them Bleed

With the Avengers being the greatest Superhero team in Marvel Comics, there are bound to be instances where the Earth’s Mightiest heroes got on the bad side of certain superheroes. While they won the majority of such fights, there were some fights that made us realize the Avengers aren’t invincible. Presenting 10 Superheroes who fought the Avengers and made them bleed……..

Black Widow – Yelena Belova

Yelena Belova was trained in the Soviet Red Room to become the new Black Widow like Natasha Romanov once was. She was later cured of her mental conditioning by Natasha and then recruited into Shield. Yelena is then brainwashed into joining Hydra and given the powers of the Super Adaptoid. She later defeats the entire New Avengers team.

Squirrel Girl

Although it sounds incredibly ridiculous, Squirrel Girl has defeated foes like Thanos and Doctor Doom. It is always meant as a joke but Squirrel Girl has managed to come clean after punching way above her weight. She once fought a small Avengers team Falcon, Spiderman, Captain America and Black Widow and defeated them within an astonishing 26 seconds!!


In Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, Frank Castle’s family is killed in a Superhero battle rather than a Mob Shootout. His deep hatred for Superheroes leads him on a one man war against all superheroes on Earth. He starts off by killing Cyclops, Shadowcat and Hawkeye. After killing all the heroes, he realizes there is one more hero to kill – himself.


Thor’s love for Humanity begins after he is merged with a human. First it was Donald Blake. His second host, Jake Olson, was once badly injured. Odin separated Thor from Olson but died in a battle with Surtur before he could recombine them both. The new unadulterated Thor went on to defeat the Avengers and conquer the Earth.

The Hulk

After the Illuminati sends the Hulk to Space, the Jade Giant lands on Sakaar and carves up a name for himself there as their new king. The ship he was sent in explodes, killing his wife. Hulk returns to Earth and wreaks chaos on New York City. He then goes on to defeat not only two Avengers teams but also the Fantastic Four, the Inhumans and the X-Men.

Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock was created by the Enclave to be the perfect human being, the pinnacle of Human Evolution. Warlock set up the Infinity Watch to protect the Infinity Stones from being misused again. The Watch later found itself fighting the Avengers that had come for the stones. Warlock dispatched them all pretty quickly.

The Sentry/Void

The Sentry has the power of ‘a thousand exploding suns’ running through his veins. But he also has a darker, more powerful evil alter ego that is hell bent on taking over his body. The Sentry was once taken over by the Void who later would defeat the Avengers in the Siege of Asgard. A resurrected Sentry would later defeat the Avengers Unity Squad as the new Horseman of Apocalypse.



In Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool is driven even more insane than he already is by Psycho-Man. Deadpool decides to kill everyone as his rampage begins to engulf the entire globe. He kills Reed Richards and Hank Pym, uses their technology to blow up the Avengers Tower, and thereby killing every Avenger inside the building. Thor and Luke Cage try to fight back, but Deadpool uses Hank Pym’s Pym Particles to kill them both.

Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider is kind of a humongous Jerk. In Avengers #214, he terrorizes a small Mexican town when the Avengers are called in to stop them. Tigra and Captain America are defeated pretty swiftly by him. He blasts Hellfire directly into Iron Man’s helmet and grabs Mjolnir to use the Momentum to punch Thor in the face with his Motorcycle. The reason why the Ghost Rider is so angry is because an X-Men member, Angel, overtook him in his sports car.


When it comes to being the good guy, Cyclops is the Steve Rogers of the X-Men. In Avengers vs. X-Men, he is anything but. Cyclops is possessed by the Phoenix Force along with four other X-Men members. As the rest of the Phoenix Force X-Men are defeated, their portion of power is transferred to Cyclops who loses control to become the Dark Phoenix. As Dark Phoenix, Cyclops kills Charles Xavier and singlehandedly defeats the entire Avengers. He is defeated after a ridiculous deus ex machina scenario in the form of Hope Summers and Wanda Maximoff.

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