Why GoT Fans Should Be Excited For House Of The Dragon

Given the conversation around GoT‘s ending, it can be easy to feel a little jaded about the upcoming spinoff. Fans have already raised a bit of disappointment about Matt Smith’s casting as Daemon Targaryen, and with Daenerys’ abrupt heel turn still so fresh in many of our memories, some are having trouble getting excited. Fool me once, and all that. But there are also some seriously good signs on the horizon for House of the Dragon, both in terms of the production itself and the material it’s based on. Obviously, the jury is out until we actually get to see the series itself, but in the meantime, there is cause to be optimistic that this show could be every bit as memorable and epic as Game of Thrones and hopefully, avoid that show’s downfalls. Let us have a look at why GoT fans should be excited for House of the Dragon:

House of the Dragon has ready groundwork

To start off, let’s discuss the team behind House of the Dragon. While Game of Thrones had to build everything about Westeros from the ground up, HotD has the advantage of already having an immense amount of its costuming, set design, and production workflow already established. This means that unlike the original series, which had a notoriously rough start and had to figure out many things on the fly, House of the Dragon started production as a well-oiled machine. We’ve seen a few initial images of a few key actors in costume, and it’s already been enough to stoke excitement to a borderline unbearable level.


The Series is in hands of accomplished showrunners

Why GoT fans should be excited

The showrunners for House of the Dragon are Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik and while showrunners do not necessarily have a great show to make, these guys are worth pausing for a minute to talk about. Condal is best known for his work on the show Colony, but he’s also a longtime fan of A Song of Ice and Fire and a friend of author George R.R. Martin.


He actually originally pitched doing a Dunk & Egg series to HBO before he was brought on to do House of the Dragon, so you know he’s got a serious love of this world. Condal also pays extreme attention to detail. He’s currently doing a 12-part podcast series called The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, where he nerds out over movie props. And one of those props that he’s talked about recently is New Valyrian steel swords, which we’ll be seeing in House of the Dragon.


The show’s source material is complete and ready

It’s pretty universally agreed that Game of Thrones started to hit most of its snags once it ran low on source material. The first three books in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series were expertly laid out, supplying the original show with a vast wealth of both major moments and character development to draw from.

And while the fourth and fifth books in the series — A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons — had that too, the story became more sprawling and harder to adapt.



Beyond that, well the show moved into uncharted territory, with both successes and stumbles. George R.R. Martin recounts the Dance of the Dragons in its entirety in his book Fire & Blood. So we already know all of the major events that GRRM deemed worth writing about, as well as those leading up to it and out of it. That means that Condal, Sapochnik, and the rest of their team have a full picture of the entire tale going into this thing, as opposed to the half-finished story that Dan Weiss and David Benioff had to work on with for Game of Thrones.


The above theory pretty much justifies why GoT fans should be excited, let us know in the comments how excited are you about the House of the Dragon?

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