Why Iron Man Developed The Iron Spider Suit for Spider-Man

Over time, Spider-Man has had a lot of different suits. The Spider-Man PS4 game added plenty of new ones as well. But among every Spidey suit, the Iron Spider suit is probably the most iconic one of all time. Tony Stark designed that suit for Spidey during the Civil War event of the comics. But in the MCU, Spider-Man got his first Stark suit in Civil War as that was when he made his onscreen debut. Although, it did not take a lot of time for Tony to come up with the most advanced Iron Spider suit.

Why Iron Man Developed The Iron Spider Suit for Spider-Man

A new MCU tie-in book called “The Wakanda Files” has revealed several details about the MCU (Via Syfy). One of them was that Tony Stark was aware of the fact that new branches will be created if any significant changes were made to the timeline in the past. Another detail was about Captain America’s insane calorie intake every day. It also revealed that Shuri tried to synthesize a Heart Shaped Herb with Vibranium. Now, we’ve got another important detail and that is about the Iron Spider suit.

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In the book, Stark’s personal log revealed that once he completed his research on nanoparticles, he began to design Spider-Man’s next suit. His fight in Civil War impressed Tony a lot, so he decided to give Spidey an even better upgrade. He did notice that Peter had his Spider-sense, but still he decided to add extra features in the suit itself. The web shooters were enhanced as they started to make their own web solution. So, Peter would never run out of webs in this suit. Besides that, the suit had a Heads Up Display and a full life support system.

It had a retractable mask which came with a rebreather installed in it. The suit ran upon a  rechargeable battery. The fabric of the suit was bullet proof. The best part about this suit was its retractable cybernetic limbs. These limbs allowed Peter to land safely & even defend attacks that came from behind. They worked insanely well with the combat modes such as instant kill.

Why Iron Man Developed The Iron Spider Suit for Spider-Man

When the Iron Spider Suit made the jump from Endgame to Spider-Man: Far From Home, even more detailing was done upon it. spoke with Julian Foddy from Industrial Light and Magic as her team worked upon the Iron Spider suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home. When asked if any upgrades were made to the suit, she said:

“We really wanted to add in an extra level of detail that includes both the model and the textures. That carbon fiber-type specular response, which you mentioned there, that was something that, it was actually there in the textures that we ingested, but we tweaked the shade so it’s likely to get more out of that. It was something that Marvel responded to very well was to, ‘We massage the look development to make the suit feel like it was even more beaten up and scratched than you saw in the first time in Infinity War.’ Just to suggest that Peter has had this suit for a while and he’s been through a few battles and it’s picked up some damage along the way.”

Why Iron Man Developed The Iron Spider Suit for Spider-Man

We did bring some of our own ideas to the nanotech with how the mask flicks on and off. Because again, in Infinity War, that was a very quick event, just happening over a couple of frames. There are a few times in our sequence that it’s a slightly more leisurely reveal. I think perhaps in Infinity War, it happens at about three or four frames. In some of our shots, it takes around 15 to 16 frames. So, we redesigned things a little bit. I looked at references of electronic circuit boards and we adopted some of that. Kind of how this wet solder would creep along with the circuitry of a computer motherboard.”

Why Iron Man Developed The Iron Spider Suit for Spider-Man

The Iron Spider suit is the best Spider-Man suit of the MCU, but it is still quite unexplored. We hope that Spider-Man will use it in Spider-Man 3 against Electro. If not in Spider-Man 3, then he could use it against the Sinister Six in Spider-Man 4. Let’s see whether we will get to see more of this suit.

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