Loki Trailer 2 Has A Skrull In Plain Sight

With the Falcon and The Winter Soldier, halfway through its initial release on the Disney+ OTT. Seems to be setting up the path for the next long-awaited project in the pipeline, Loki. The project has been in talks for quite some time and is most probably looking forward to a more intense diversification of the MCU narrative. The new Loki project may implicate the narrative with additional characters and organizations, crucial to making the next big war in MCU a mega galactic event. The Loki is the 3rd series to be launched on Disney+ but already has fans scrambling for every single piece of easter egg they could dissect off from the second trailer of Loki.

First Official Poster For Loki Series

So far, however, the previous 2 series have not exactly relayed any connection between each other. With the events of WandaVision set just s few months from the events of Endgame, and Falcon & The Winter Soldier set many months after the events of WandaVision.

Till now there has been no connection between the series launched on the Disney+ platform. Even, the 3rd series of Loki does seem to be setting up any connection with the earlier two series, but may just set up a platform for the upcoming projects in the pipeline.

In a brief shot just seconds into the trailer, we can witness a TVA guard escorting Loki to a room or a chamber, most probably for interrogation purposes. It is during this scene, that a life form resembling a Skrull seems to be walking past Loki and the guard, from the right.

The shape of the life form’s head, chin, and ears match closely to the prior appearances, made by the Skrull characters in the MCU. This vivid guest appearance may be setting up the stage for ‘The Secret Invasion’.

The Skrulls are a key point in the Marvel storyline and have a major influence on several narratives within the Marvel universe. This vague appearance of a being resembling a Skrull could not just be a coincidence, but rather a clever hint of the events which may be coming in the MCU timeline.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Skrulls MCU

It is also possible, that just like the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Far from Home, which witnessed Nick Fury set up a headquarter in space and hire Skrulls to be a part of the crew. The Loki narrative will see the Skrull race be an active and helpful member of the TVA and Skrull alliance.

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