Matt Damon Reaches Australia For Shooting A Cameo In Thor 4

Matt Damon Shooting Cameo In Thor 4:

Thor: Love and Thunder are not leaving the spotlight any time soon. Earlier, we heard that Christian Bale would be playing Gorr the God Butcher. Isn’t that amazing? Bale is coming to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only will we get to see Chris Hemsworth playing Thor once again, but we will also see Taika Waititi returning as the director and Tessa Thompson reprising her part of Valkyrie Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster for the first time since 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. Thompson teased in a recent interview with The Playlist, there’s a chance that the journey of Love and Thunder could bring Valkyrie face-to-face with some other characters from the wider MCU.

Tessa Thompson said,

“Yeah. I can tease that she’s definitely King of New Asgard when we find her. Now, what really excites the fan that it is already confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy will slide into the film, particularly with Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill/Star-Lord making a definite appearance. Beyond that, it is surely interesting to notice what Tessa Thompson means by “other pockets of the MCU.”

But now, we have some more exciting news. Matt Damon has landed with his family in Australia in his private jet for shooting a cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder! The Oscar-winning actor, along with his family, was seen in Sydney, exactly where the fourth installment of the hit film series Thor is being filmed.

According to the Australian outlet, Damon is reported to be quarantining. This only suggests that he is preparing for filming on the nearby filming set. We last saw him in a surprise cameo in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. It was an extremely funny scene where we saw the real Loki impersonating as Oden, and Damon was seen portraying Loki as a martyr, for the real Loki’s amusement. But as of now, his role in the fourth installment of Thor is still unclear, we expect to see a better and a more prominent role this time as he totally deserves to be someone in the film who plays some vital role.

Not only this, Tessa Thompson, playing Valkyrie in the MCU, confirmed in December 2020 that her character will get a new title in the 2022 film. She said,

“Yeah. I can tease that she’s definitely King of New Asgard when we find her. I would say that she’s a part of an adventure that involved Thor, in the sense that it’s called Thor: Love and Thunder.” Thompson added, “We have some new characters. We have some folks potentially from other pockets of the MCU. And then we have some folks, maybe, that we’ve seen before.”

Yes, we are excited to see Matt Damon in Thor: Love and Thunder. Are you? Let us know!

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