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5 Biggest Failures of Joker in the DC Extended Universe

The scariest thing about Joker is that the character has no goal. He aims to only create chaos and his motive is always elusive. After the character appeared in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, there have been numerous attempts to reinvent him in DCEU. The most notable one across DCEU films was Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad. The notoriety about Leto’s Joker was the anger and controversy it brought among the fans who considered the new take as corny and trite. The Joker will win some and lose some. But the scary part of Joker’s failures is knowing he doesn’t strive for any real purpose, no matter what universe he’s in. Here are the biggest failures of Joker (Leto’s Mr. J).

Biggest Failures of Joker in the DCEU

1. Joker’s first attempt to rescue Harley Quinn failed

The Joker laughs for the last time at the end of Suicide Squad while he breaks Harley Quinn out of prison. But the first attempt was not so smooth. When the Squad waits with Amanda Waller for a helicopter extraction, The Joker interrupts the process to save Harley and the helicopter is shot down by Waller. There was a debate about Joker’s intention while he rescued Harley. Director David Ayer was asked about this and he said that The Joker “pushed her” out of the helicopter. If he intended to save or kill Harley Quinn, this effort failed.

2. Joker failed to get away from Batman

Despite the strong feelings of Jared Leto’s Joker, Suicide Squad did a great job of giving a backstory to Harley Quinn. The backstory had one of Joker’s unnoticed failures in the DCEU and it is a botched escape from Batman. After killing Monster T, Joker and Harley go for a joy ride in Gotham. While they are speeding through the streets, Batman lands on the hood of their car and The Joker crashes through the docks and sinks in the water. Batman rescues Harley after he knocks her out. Joker redeemed himself towards the end of the film, but the failed escape caused Harley to be put under maximum security prison. They wouldn’t have been in that situation if Joker could have been a little less reckless.

3. Joker never gave Harley Quinn the life she desired

Harley Quinn was crazy but she also wanted a normal life. After Harley was put under a spell by the Enchantress, the viewers get a glimpse of Harley’s subconscious. It consists of a dream where Harley and Mr. Jay settle down and have a kid. The Joker had let down Harley several times in the DC Universe. But the moment tugs at the heartstrings. The short scene shows that there is still a shred of humanity in Harley’s traumatized brain. The fact that The Joker would never be able to give that to her is a failure to his one and only Harley. Maybe this is why viewers sympathize with the Clown Princess of Crime.

4. He failed to break the Bat

DCEU’s important part is where The Joker and Harley Quinn murders Robin. At the Black Zero event, the apocalyptic fight between General Zod and Superman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn kidnapped Robin. The Joker follows through with this heinous reputation and kills Robin. Before turning him in, Batman knocks out Joker’s teeth as revenge. Joker then gets metallic grills as replacements. But he fails in his goal to drive the Dark Knight insane.

Bruce Wayne’s mental health has always been a matter of speculation and used his anger to continue fighting against crime. Bruce keeps Robin’s defamed suit that was also seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The suit was being sprawled with taunts by The Joker, Batman used that pain and baggage as a way to keep going and fighting.

5. Joker failed at empathy

The Joker was mentioned only by his name in Birds of Prey after his appearance in Suicide Squad led to some controversy. There is a scene where Joker, known for his twisted sense of humor, gives Gotham a henchman named Happy a cosmetic make-over. But the outcome of this tattoo job was less than desirable. The cosmetic makeover was more of a severe disfiguration of Happy’s face. Even Happy tries to kill Harley Quinn who dared Mr. Jay to work on his face after she broke up with The Joker. The Joker’s cosmetic failure on Harley’s face cost the life of Harley until Huntress shot him in the neck. This is consistent in any DC Universe where Joker’s actions end up putting Harley’s well-being in danger.

So these were the biggest failures of Joker.

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