First Trailer of Matt Reeves’ The Batman Released [Literally Awesome]

Yet again, another actor who was presumed to be a bad choice for Batman has proven to be among the greatest. Everyone who was worried that Robert Pattinson wouldn’t make a good Batman can now breathe easy and actually be happy for him. Matt Reeves is bringing his vision to life in a great way with Robert Pattinson at the center of it. Here, check out The Batman first trailer of this upcoming crime thriller that will surely turn out to be legendary:

Matt Reeves had said it in the past & he also confirmed it during the FanDome that only 25-30% of The Batman has been shot. So, we had an assumption that there will be a sort of reluctancy in revealing a lot of footage from the movie. But that hasn’t been the case. Reeves & Pattinson have made a strong statement with this new trailer. Yes, opinions could differ from person to person, but I don’t believe that there will be anyone in the world who won’t like this trailer.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman First Trailer

Matt Reeves is coming up with a noir, gritty & real worldly approach. He has stated that his vision for this film is to make Batman real as if he is a regular person like us. Reeves wants to put us in the shoes of Batman. He wants to make Batman relatable (& flawed). Like us, he will make mistakes, he will be taunted. But he’d learn to pick himself up & evolve as a person. Even in this grounded setting, Pattinson’s Batman is relentless. The trailer has made it clear that doesn’t hold back. The moment Battinson beats up the thug with makeup was the moment that cemented Robert Pattinson as our new, and yet another unreplaceable Batman. He is vengeance! He is the Night! He is Batman!!

Matt Reeves’ The Batman First Trailer

As for Bruce Wayne, the first time we see him fully unmasked is the moment we get to know that Pattinson is the complete package. The trailer revealed that Paul Dano’s Riddler is indeed the main villain of the movie. He is someone who is sick of the corruption and lies. That is why he will expose Gotham’s privileged and corrupt individuals by killing them, leaving a trail of murders for Batman to solve. And yes, the Riddler has possibly got a grudge against Batman too. That is why he will try & torment Batsy and get under his skin!

Now getting to the other details, Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman will come in as a villain but she might switch sides later. Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon looks pretty amazing. At the Dome, Matt Reeves revealed that even though Batman is in his second year, there are people in Gotham who are afraid of him. Not everyone has accepted his brand of justice. And that’s what we actually see throughout the trailer. As Batman first walks into the crime scene behind Gordon, every cop looks at him with concern. And later, we see Batman & the cops get in a quarrel. So clearly, the police won’t really accept Batman taking the law into his own hands.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman First Trailer

Lastly, the final two shots of this trailer are beyond epic! We get a look at the Batcave. Seeing Bruce with his eye makeup on only makes things better as it proves the point of realism. This is a film that will really put Batman through the wringer. Firstly, he’d have to solve a series of murders. Then, he’d have to show the citizens of Gotham that he is there to help. He will really have to prove himself at every step. It will be a big personal battle for Bruce.

Matt Reeves’ The Batman First Trailer

I just cannot wait for The Batman. It is yet another movie that holds the potential to make a Billion dollars. It hits theatres on October 1, 2021.

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