10 Scariest Serial Killers in DC Comics Who Will Make You Shit Your Pants

Serial Killers in DC Comics:

Death and Destruction is rampant in DC Comics. The world is full of sick and crazy people who redefine the very meaning of ‘recreation’ with their ghastly activities. In DC Comics, the world is a nasty place full of such people around every corner. But only some of them are truly remarkable when it comes to general bloodthirstiness. When comparing villains of DC Comics with Marvel Comics, it is the DC Villains who are found to be much more sinister and the reason is that they will not shy away from doing the most graphic and detestable act possible to get the job done. Some of them are so scary that they literally eat people alive. And the people we are talking about do that in a regular basis. In short, they are the world’s deadliest Serial Killers in DC Comics!

 1. Abattoir

DC Comics

Arnold Etchison was the son of an abusive father. His uncle was a wealthy businessman and politician who disowned his own brother after he came to know that Arnold’s father was a thief and a cold-hearted killer. Arnold lived life after being forced to take up a different identity called Etkar. “Etkar” turned out to be just like his father. He was put in on trial and found guilty of murdering 19 people in a killing spree. Etkar seemingly gains powers with each murder he does. Etkar is highly unpredictable and has bested Azrael and Batman in close-quarter combat even though he has had no formal training in the same. He is in a constant adrenaline rush and that makes him always remain on edge and hard to ambush. One of the deadliest Serial Killers in DC Comics.

 2. James Gordon Junior

Serial Killers in DC Comics
Serial Killers in DC Comics

James Gordon Junior was born with sadism in his blood. Even as a kid, he enjoyed inflicting pain on others. When James Gordon realized that his son was a psychopath, he exiled him away to a far off place. James Gordon Junior returned, claiming that he has managed to turn over a new leaf and is a new man now. He was of course lying. James Gordon Junior never managed to control his sociopathic tendencies. In all these years he was away, all he managed to do was find a successful way to pretend he is a normal person. James Gordon Junior would later reveal his master plan to everyone – turn all of the children in Gotham into psychopathic murderers like him.

 3. Birthday Boy

The real name of Birthday Boy is Ray Salinger. He is a character belonging to Earth One. Ray Salinger is a fairly well-built young man in his late twenties or early thirties. He is fascinated with young girls aged 15 years or somewhere near it. This was an obsession he had after killing his first victim – a 15-year-old girl called Amanda Grant. Any girl that looked the same as her and was of an equivalent age would be kidnapped by Birthday Boy and then forced to take part in a birthday celebration. After the girl makes a wish, Ray Salinger would take the girls to the basement where he would mercilessly murder them and throw them into the pile of corpses of his previous victims.

 4. Jane Doe

Serial Killers

Nobody knows the real name of Jane Doe. So they just call her Jane Doe. Jane is a very gifted mimic. She studies the mannerisms and habits of the person in front of her and then makes her move. She kills her target and then takes their identities, essentially becoming that person. She can even mentally mold herself into thinking that she is that person. As a pathological liar, Jane has the ability to get anywhere she wants to be provided she has enough data on someone with enough access. She then quickly kills that target, takes up that person’s identity, and then starts an entirely new chapter. Jane is even able to learn Jujitsu and Boxing just be observing her enemies, which makes her a very difficult opponent to beat.

 5. Professor Pyg

Serial Killers

Professor Oyg is a surgeon of the highest order. But his passion relies on conducting surgically planned murders. Professor Pyg uses all kinds of weaponry to slice his enemies into pieces. Do not let that cute little mask make you think that he is a smart person with a crazy tolerance level. Professor Pyg is highly infamous in Gotham. Women, in particular, should be scared of Pyg because he is a walking sleaze bag that would do anything to ensure he is at the top of the food chain. Chainsaws to sledgehammers – Pyg has used everything. His fake British accent when he speaks only adds insult to injury.

 6. Cornelius Stirk

Now, this guy has a strange and weird origin story. Once when Cornelius was in high school, he brutally killed one of his own classmates. Realizing that he was mentally unstable, the authorities admitted him to Arkham Asylum. Stirk managed to evade therapy and even tortured a doctor to death. It is during this torture session that Cornelius developed an appetite for human hearts. He ripped the doctor’s heart out of his chest and ate it while it was still beating. Cornelius has the ability to make others see him in a way he wants them to see. He hides his ugliness using psychic illusion casting by making himself look like a handsome fellow with no ill intentions. This ability comes at a cost – it requires norepinephrine which is a hormone that is only produced in human hearts, which is why he kills people for a living.

 7. Mr Zsasz

Starting out as a millionaire, Victor Zsasz was one of the elites of Gotham City like Bruce Wayne. But his luck soon ran out and he went bankrupt after both his parents died. Whatever of his fortune was left, he lost it all in gambling. Losing all hope in life, Zsasz was about to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff when a homeless man tried to stab him. Zsasz killed that man in self-defense but it ended up giving a diabolical epiphany. This world is full of zombies and they need to be “liberated”. Zsasz’s method of liberation is by killing the zombies and freeing them of their misery. Every time Zsasz kills a person, he tattoos a tally mark on his skin as a memory.

 8. The Riddler

Serial Killers

Edward Nygma is like DC Comics’ version of Jigsaw. He never likes to get his hands dirty but rather creates elaborate schemes and games to engage his prey. The Riddler is all about giving back the pain to society after being victimized for so many years by the latter. He has developed a knack for toying and playing with his targets before delivering the finishing blow. Even Batman sometimes finds it very hard to deal with the Riddler. He always tries to discover new techniques to commit cold-blooded murder.

 9. The Joker

Strongest Enemies of Justice League

The Joker is probably the most sadistic killer the comic book universe has ever seen. He never cares about the consequences. What the Joker does is create a trail of blood-bath in his wake. The Clown Prince of Crime has been admitted several times in Arkham Asylum but there has been no end to his madness and no cure has ever been found to bring back sanity into the Joker’s mind. Using his nifty little wits, the Joker creates dangerous gadgets that look very hilarious but are actually very deadly. He too is extremely unpredictable like Abattoir. The only difference is the Joker is someone who has even fooled the Batman with his resourcefulness and spontaneity, something Abattoir has not managed to do.

 10. Hugo Strange

DC Comics

Doctor Hugo Strange is a gifted scientist who specializes in human psychology and is an exceptionally talented researcher in the field of genetic engineering. Since he is in charge of a huge number of patients both from Black Gate prison and Arkham Asylum, Doctor Hugo Strange does inhumane experiments on them without any fear of retribution or co0nsequences. Hugo Strange’s kill count is one of the greatest in DC Comics since literally nobody knows just how many patients Hugo killed as part of his research. He may be a man of science but he is also a man of violence. Hugo Strange is one of the supervillains even Batman tries steering clear of.

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