Doctor Octopus Proves How Marvel’s Most Popular Villain Plan is Dumb!

Spider-Man is one of the most celebrated characters when it comes to Marvel. Over the years we have gotten to see a variety of villains come across him and challenge him in different manners. While some may be quite bland and meaningless, others have ended up being very essential because of their massive impact on the arc of the superhero. One of the most iconic villains amongst Spidey’s rogue’s gallery has to be Doctor Octopus. Even though he has managed to establish himself in one of the best live-action interpretations ever but he continues to differ himself from other villains. Doctor Octopus managed to brilliantly mock the most popular villain plan which deals with mass genocide.

Doctor Octopus

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Dr. Octopus

Over the years we have gotten to see various renditions of Doctor Octopus in the comics. These include the one where Doc Ock goes across the multiverse and finds variants of him amongst other superior beings. But while he is a villain to Spidey, one must never forget that he is actually a brilliant scientist who had to go the evil way. Spider-Man has had to find a variety of possible means in order to make sure that Doc Ock doesn’t go and wreak havoc all across the world. Even the live-action depiction of the character has had a depth that is not seen in every other Spider-Man villain.


Fans got to see live-action interpretations of Doc Ock with Spider-Man 2. Alfred Molina brought an emotional depth to the character and it made for one of the most exciting superhero villains we have seen over the years. But another most exciting part about this character has to be the fact that it has managed to stay overtime. Fans recently got to see the character return amidst the multiversal chaos of Spider-Man: No Way Home. While most of the other villains had lost their path, it was quite clear that Doc Ock was one of the most different amongst them.


Doc Ock Mocks The Most Popular Villain Plan

The Sinister Six has to be one of the most essential villain groups in the Marvel Universe. We haven’t gotten a live-action interpretation of this group yet but it was quite possible we were gonna witness one in No Way Home. But the movie only managed to give us five villains against the trio of Spider-Men which included the past two Spider-Man variants. Over the years, a variety of villains have grouped together and formed this group of supervillains. But the most awesome detail has to be the fact that Doc Ock actually ended up betraying the Sinister Six in order to prove something rather essential.


According to The Amazing Spider-Man #339, by David Michelinie and Erik Larsen, the villains in Sinister Six are confused that their plans on Spider-Man fail to work. The villains had decided this was an essential weapon that would give them the chance to rule the world. Their plan involves asking every citizen to comply and if they fail to do so then release their poison in the atmosphere and kill everyone. But watching it fail on their greatest enemy really ends up surprising them. But it seems that Doc Ock had a trick up his sleeve that was responsible for this failure.


Doctor Octopus had replaced the poison with an alternate substance that doesn’t go for the kill. This outrages the Sinister Six and this is when the supervillain says one of the most sensible things ever. He says, “only an idiot would destroy the planet! What profit is there in ruling the dead?” This actually makes absolute sense considering there would be nothing to rule and hence they will not end up being rulers. This further proves that Doctor Octopus is way ahead of most of the other villains in the Spider-Man rogue’s gallery.


Most Popular Villain Plan

But later he would end up revealing an alternative that isn’t much less drastic either. He ended up changing the poison with a misty substance that causes convulsions to anyone who uses cocaine. When they would require the treatment of the drug, he would change them large sums of money. This would end up putting in a different level of power than the one that we got to see in the previous plan.

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