Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Adding A New Member To The Team

Legends of Tomorrow is possibly the best show of the Arrowverse as it has been the one with the most variety and versatility. Ever since The Flash came two years later than Arrow, the Arrowverse has expanded itself to countless boundaries. After Flash came The Legends, and then by Season two, CW also acquired the rights to that Supergirl bringing it to join the Arrowverse.

The cast of Legends of Tomorrow show has been loved by the fans as each member of this team of Supers brings in a different and unique set of abilities and skill set which helps the team in a major way and yet every season, a new member is added to the team. Also, we love the chemistry of this team together. Now, Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 looks to be even bigger than the third season.

But a lot has changed since season 1 i.e Captain Cold sacrificed himself for the team, Hawkgirl and Hawkman are gone, Prof. Stein is dead and Jax opted out of the team, while new members such as Amaya Jiwe (Vixen), Zari (Totem bearer), Nate Heywood (Historian and Commander Steel, and Kid Flash have been added to the team. From Vandal Savage to Legion of Doom to Mallus, the bad guys that Legends have to fight against have only gone more terrifying with each season and Season 4 may have an even bigger villain in store for us.

Season 3 finale was already huge and for so long, we have been hearing about the new characters that will be added to the show. Season 4 added John Constantine as Matt Ryan has signed on as a series regular for the 4th Season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The members of the team in Season 4 will be, Rip Hunter, Sara Lance, The Atom, Steel, Kid Flash, Vixen, John Constantine, Heatwave and maybe Firestorm if he is brought back. So, seeing this team, you couldn’t ask for more!

But as it turns out, the showrunners and the people behind the scenes writing these shows do not want to stop at this huge set of characters as well. It was recently uncovered by That Hashtag Show that the show will probably add two new characters according to the new casting descriptions. The first character getting added to the fourth season is someone named “Ali”, who is described as an Asian female. Here’s her description:

“She is somewhere in her 20s as a young woman who is searching deeply for her mission in life. Teased as a mega-intelligent and sharp as heck person, “Ali” tends to sometimes be a little aloof and being too distracted by her own imagination as well as romantic impulses. She loves YA literature as well as fantasy novels hence her hunger and curiosity for adventures. Despite her disappointment with the state of the world, “Ali” continues to keep an optimistic head as much as possible with any situation that she faces. “Ali” also has a deep love for animals as she believes each animal has a purpose to fulfill on our planet.”

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Adding A New Member To The Team

It is not clear that who this character will be as we don’t really have too many comic book characters of this name, unless it is a cover for someone like Allison Sanders (a one-off villain in season two of Smallville). The interesting fact is that the second character description confirms that the family of one of the legends will be established to an extent as we will get to see, Hank Heywood, Nate Heywood/Steel’s (Nick Zano) father on the show in Season 4. Here’s the description:

“He is somewhere in his 60s and while he is loved by many, his son Nate is not one of them. Their relationship is a very mixed one as Hank is always on his son’s back for not doing more with his life. Having served in the military, Hank is now working for the Department of Defense. Carrying a Woody Harrelson-y charm, Hank takes traditional values very seriously such as patriotism and sacrifice. But he isn’t being a dick about his beliefs and while Nate may have had his list of failures in life; Hank loves his son as much as a father possibly could.”

Hopefully, Season 4 turns out to be even better.

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