Godzilla Throws A Punch At Kong In New GvK Trailer

Directed by Adam Wingard, the fourth installment in the MonsterVerse will pit the King of the Monsters against the King of Skull Island. Though both monsters have been pop culture icons for more than half of a century, this will only be their second big-screen meeting. A new trailer has been released for Godzilla vs. Kong, with never-before-seen footage. The latest installment in Legendary’s MonsterVerse is finally releasing on March 31, and like all of Warner Bros.’ 2021 pictures, it will debut both in theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

The first trailer gave us a hint to the plot, suggesting that Kong has somewhat allied with humanity as they hope he’ll fight a rampaging Godzilla. The King of the Monsters is clearly positioned as the villain in the trailer, with Kong the hero. But it still feels like there is a bigger and more fearsome foe under the wraps for now.  Still, before then Godzilla and Kong will fight just as the film’s title promises, and in the new footage seen in this latest trailer, it’s not as one-sided as it first appeared. It is also being assumed that Godzilla and Kong will team up to fight the bigger threat. The new footage shows Godzilla landing a heavy punch at the great ape Kong.


This new Godzilla vs. Kong trailer is the one released for the Japanese market, and while it’s largely similar to the one WB debuted earlier this year, there are some snippets of new footage. Most notably, the trailer shows another shot from the scene of Godzilla and Kong fighting atop the aircraft carriers. In this shot, Godzilla lands a punch right back at Kong, laying him right into the ground. This must-have comes in response to the punch that Kong lands at Godzilla and shoves him back into the sea.

The first trailer built a narrative that supported more of Kong, where he was clearly in control. But the King of Monsters, Godzilla, is not backing down without a fight at all. While this trailer isn’t wildly different from the first one, even using the same music, it’s a notable difference that it includes Godzilla returning Kong’s punch. Perhaps the scene was included because this trailer is intended for Japanese audiences who may not appreciate seeing the American-created Kong kicking Gojira’s butt. So it is safe to say that is in their best interest to show the Japanese audience that Godzilla will fight back, and will definitely give Kong a hard time or even a run for his money.

Along with this clash atop the aircraft carriers, the Godzilla vs. Kong trailers also tease a battle in a neon city and a trip inside the Hollow Earth. There, Kong can be seen fighting a couple of the other monsters who will appear – Nozuki and Warbat. But this is not it. The audience strictly believes that the trailer has hinted towards the true villain, MechaGodzilla, and the two titans – Godzilla and Kong, will combine their powers and join forces to fight the bigger enemy.

Godzilla vs Kong is rated PG-13 and is described in the following manner,

“In a new world where man and monster now coexist, Monarch must lead the way to a prosperous future alongside the Titans, keeping humanity in check. However, rival factions that want to manipulate the Titans for war begin to rise under the guise of a nefarious conspiracy, threatening to wipe out all life on the planet. Meanwhile, on Skull Island, strange seismic activity draws the attention of Godzilla and Kong alike.”

Earlier there have been speculations on who the real villain is in Godzilla vs Kong. A definitive winner has been confirmed, but it’s hard to say if it will be Godzilla or Kong who takes home the glory. Because of Godzilla vs. Kong’s human villains, Kong could become bait for Godzilla. If so, that would set up one of their fights in the upcoming MonsterVerse movie. Similar to Godzilla: King of the Monsters and many other Godzilla movies, the 2021 film could feature more than one fight between the central Titans.

Godzilla vs. Kong will definitely be worth the money. We will finally get to see these two titans going toe-to-toe in a battle that will be defined by all means, So where will you watch this epic battle between two giant beasts – HBO Max or theatres? And how do you feel about the trailer? We are open to all the theories, so let us know about them in the comments.

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