Star Wars Novelization May Have Confirmed Luke Skywalker’s Wife!!!!

The Last Jedi novelization is aiming to answer a lot of lingering questions that remained unaddressed after the release of the second installment of the Last Jedi trilogy. The Last Jedi novelization is finally going to give the Marvel fans a big surprise. Luke Skywalker was married. He had a wife, folks! After Star Wars: The Force Awakens was planned as too similar to the original Star Wars blockbusters; Director Rian Johnson completely turned the tables on The Last Jedi.

The result was a movie that challenged the long-established norms of the Star Wars franchise. A bold move for sure, but an incredibly risky one. The resulting backlash was immense. The hate was generally directed at the way Johnson expanded the rules of Star Wars to new horizons and the way newer characters were handled within the movie.

Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker was especially scrutinized. Luke Skywalker is a fighter. He has achieved victory against insurmountable odds. He singlehandedly destroyed the Galaxy’s deadliest weapon using the Force while in essence, he was just a Jedi rookie in training. To see the beloved Luke Skywalker cower in the face of danger and turn his back when met with failure was jarring and heartbreaking. Why did Luke suddenly turn into a coward? What was he doing on Ahch-To? Most importantly, what was he doing before he got to his fortress of solitude?? The events that happened between The Return of The Jedi and The Force Awakens are still shrouded in mystery. Apart from the fact that Luke unsuccessfully tried to start the Jedi Order, nothing is known about what he was really up to during that time. The Last Jedi Novelization will answer that question with an answer that will ironically lead to even more questions.

Dork Side of the Force, a Star Wars aggregator, claims to have the draft version of the official copy of the Last Jedi novelization. The first sentence itself places the fans in a conundrum of sorts. The first sentence itself reveals an astonishing backstory for Luke Skywalker. It says Luke Skywalker was married in the saga. The copy that the site holds may or may not be legit so we advise you all to take this news with the biggest grain of salt you can find. The First sentence of the novel reads:

Luke Skywalker stood in the cooling sands of Tatooine, his wife by his side.

The novelized work will hit the stores quite while later on March 6, so it will be quite difficult to second the site’s claims with a second opinion by another site. Director Rian Johnson was heavily involved in the writing process for the Last Jedi novelization. So either he or writer Jason Fry himself could shed much-needed light on the rumors.

If the line is indeed true, it would create a storm among the fan base as it is. What shenanigans Luke was up to will finally be answered in the novelization. In the now non-canon sources of Star Wars expanded universe, Luke Skywalker married Mara Jade – a former Imperial assassin and then Jedi Knight. Whether it is Mara Jade being mentioned in the line is a story for another day. Maybe the writers created a whole new character to be honored by being Luke Skywalker’s wife.

Star Wars Rumor: Last Jedi Novelization Says Luke Skywalker

This does raise a lot of questions though. What happened to Luke’s wife?? Why wasn’t she in the last two Star Wars movies? Did she die? Was she killed or did she meet her maker naturally? Did Kylo Ren kill her when he rebelled against Luke and his newly formed Jedi Order?? If she is indeed alive, then could it be that Luke has turned his back on the marriage and decided to live his life in seclusion? If she is still alive and kicking, could Luke’s wife finally make an appearance in Star Wars Episode IX currently being filmed? All questions that need to be answered if Luke’s wife is indeed there. The more glaring question that everyone has failed to ask even now is – if Luke was married, did he have a child? Could the Skywalker Legacy not be extinct just yet?!?!?

Luke Skywalker’s celibate life was the focus of many questions in The Last Jedi. He was ‘married’ to The Force. That is necessary and important on many terms. The Order of the Jedi follows their act of Celibacy quite strictly. They do not mingle in earthly pleasures because is taints their connection to the Force. The last time a Jedi tried to have a marriage, he became the greatest Sith the Galaxy has ever known. The Guy we are talking about is Anakin Skywalker, a living being born of the Force who went on to become the greatest user of the Dark Side. If Luke would have followed the life of his father, he might have ended the same way.

The Last Jedi saw Luke Skywalker staying in perpetual isolation on the Jedi planet of Ahch-To among the ancient Jedi ruins of the planet. Had he chosen a different path, his life would have been drastically different. Luke tried to restart the Jedi Order with new recruits. If he had settled for anything les, his dream of Jedis gaining back their stature would have never come o fruition. Regardless, the Jedi Order is destroyed and all attempts to restart it have been utterly useless. Luke Skywalker was betrayed by his very Nephew who killed his padawans in cold blood and left with the rest. Luke, on Ahch-To has had ample time to peculate with the Force. He can do something that could actually help soothe the fans.

Luke Skywalker has cut himself off the Force. But in the final fight against Kylo Ren, he is seen to have reconnected himself with it. If Luke could do it then, he could have done it before when Rey still wasn’t around. Luke could have used the Force to see visions of an alternate timeline where Luke was married, had a wife and a family to look up to. That way Mara Jade and his child (if possible), could have been reinforced as a concept none too unfamiliar with the mainstream Star Wars Universe and continuity. Even if it was just a dream sequence through a Force Vision, it could have made the fans a little too uncomfortable due to the fact that at least the movie dared to show a facet of Luke Skywalker the way the fans wanted to see him in the movie.

Luke Skywalker’s wife Mara Jade had been on many adventures with her husband in the defunct Star Wars expanded Universe. Many fans thought she would finally be incorporated into the first installment of The Last jedi trilogy Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What’s interesting is the fact that that many expanded universe elements found their way to the movies of Star Wars movies. So, the exclusion of Mara Jade was both jarring and disappointing at the same time. So even if Mara was shown in a ‘blink and miss’ scene and even if it is just a meditation scene, fans would have liked it anyways.

Normally, the novelization of the movie is released right after the midnight premiere of a Star Wars movie. But this time Lucas Films and Rian Johnson decided to break tradition by tying the novelization release date to that of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s DVD and Bluray release. Many critical information of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be featured within the novel so cut Johnson some slack and read the novel and decide for yourself. The Last Jedi Novelization will hit the stores, both retail and digital, on March 6th this year.

Grab yours before it is too late!!!

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