Deadpool And The X-Men Officially Become Members of MCU’s Avengers

Deadpool And X-Men Members of MCU Avengers:

The Disney-Fox merger brought a lot of early Christmas gifts for the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fox Studios had the rights to some of the greatest superhero franchises of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. And while the Fantastic Four are not part of this news yet, rest assured that Deadpool and the X-Men are. It is time to cheer up folks for the wait is over. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has officially initiated the process to induct Deadpool aka Wade Wilson and the mutant superhero group called the X-Men into their world.

Deadpool And X-Men Members of MCU Avengers

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Deadpool: The End #1 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…

The fans love Deadpool. His hilarious fourth-wall-breaking antics have us all rolling on the floors laughing out loud. Wade Wilson got the gift of the gab and the jab and he is not afraid to use it. That is also the reason he is called the Merc with a Mouth. The rest of the superheroes that Deadpool has worked with summarily hate the guy because he is very difficult to work with. He is extremely reckless and too much of a lone wolf to care about teamwork and it is the reason the Avengers and the rest of the Superhero groups think ten times before letting the guy into their ranks. But things are changing. The Avengers have allowed Deadpool and one other X-Men member to officially join them as full-fledged Avengers.

Marvel has started experimenting with their newest releases. Deadpool: The End is a classic example of such tactics. In a hilarious what-if alternate storyline, Marvel writers are showing the fans’ favorite characters being given farewells worthy of a superhero. Deadpool also meets his end in Deadpool: The End but his final days come with a mother of all twists. Deadpool does not die only once but several times and each time he dies or his story comes to an end, he is shown to have reached a completely different conclusion. In once such ‘alternate ending’, Deadpool becomes an Avenger along with a fellow X-Man.

The type of death that Deadpool has faced at the end of those multiple iterations varies drastically. In one such end, Deadpool ends up becoming an office worker drone and is devoid of any emotion and thus dies a corporate slave. In another end, he dies while in a huge orgy pile. In a bizarre ending to the Deadpool saga, Wade Wilson dis of too much happiness when too much satisfaction and contentment with life leads to the guy getting a fatal heart attack. And then there are two other ‘ends’ and in both of them, he becomes an official member of the Avengers with the line up being almost identical to that of the MCU in each version.

In the first scenario, Deadpool wakes up to Captain Marvel. Both are in bed together and a distress call forces the Avengers to rally and respond. In the second version, Deadpool wakes up to Ice-Man aka Bobby Drake. Ice-Man is homosexual, a fact that was revealed after he came out a few years ago. Deadpool waking up to Carol Danvers in one iteration of his death and next to Bobby Drake in the other one reinforces Deadpool as one of the most popular and prominent Bisexual superheroes of his era.

We are not saying that Deadpool and an X-Man joining the Avengers in the comic books is a definite signal for things to come. It is a signal nonetheless and Marvel is hinting at something. Let’s wait it out and see where this might be going.

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