7 Tactical Iron Man Armors That Are Indestructible

Marvel cinematic universe has seen a lot of success in past years, but it all started with the first movie of Ironman. Tony stark, alter ego of iron man, has worn so many advanced suits to fight in certain conditions or to make the opponent weak. Each suit comes with some advanced feature which will help him in a fight like some suits were designed to survive in space and water, some are designed to take down fellow teammates if they went rogue. Here is a list of such iron man armors, which are almost indestructible.

Mark LI: Model Prime

This suit is all in one suit. Which comes with lots of feature and adjustment so that the user doesn’t have any need to seek another suit for a different kind of a situation. The model prime armor can be collapsed into a bracelet, when not in use and can form a full body covering suit when needed. Unlike any other armor, this suit is connected to users mind and that’s why it can read user’s mind and can accept the command from users thought process.  This suit has hexagonal scales that covers surface of the armor, which can be commanded to separate and reconfigure themselves into any form and color using nanotech principles of molecular recognition, this technology gives the advantage of shape shifting and increasing the mass of suit which comes handy in fights including stealth operations, heavy lifting, and orbital flight. After taking shape, the scales smooth themselves out along the body’s curves to give a leaner feel to the armor.

Thor-Buster Armor7 Tactical Iron Man Armors That Are Indestructible

Once in comics Thor decided to rule this earth, he wants to become dictator of this blue planet, so to knock some senses into him iron man decided to make an armor which will match the strength of God of thunder. This armor possesses the power to actually fight and win against Skyfather which is the strongest form of Thor. This suit combines Starks technology and Asguardian magic together. Its design was based on Thor’s enemy The Destroyer.

Model 39: Phoenix-Killer Armor

This armor was created by Tony Stark to defeat Phoenix force. It first appeared in X-men vs. Avengers comic. The main motto of making this armor is to destroy Phoenix force before they arrive on earth. But instead of killing them this suit splits the phoenix force into five parts which were possessed by each of the X-men present nearby.

Uru Armor

The uru armor is also known as Asguardian Armor. This armor was covered with Asguardianuru metal and it was enhanced with magic. Tony stark didn’t make this Armor, he simply plunged himself with his regular armor into a vat of molten Uru, which was then infused with the divine will of Odin. This suit was made when the Brother of Odin- God o fear released seven hammers containing the essences of his generals of old on Earth, which then start rampaging earth.

Hulk-Buster Armor

This armor was made by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner together. It was meant to be used against the battle with Bruce Banners alter ego Hulk if he loses control over himself. If any part of this armor was affected or damaged during the battle then it can be replaced with new ones, which was deployed by Veronica drop pod, which hovers over the area where hulk is present.

Silver Centurion

This suit is deep crimson red in color, with golden and silver highlights, and features a triangular shaped Unibeam on its chest. We have seen his suit in Iron Man movie. This suit is designed for energy amplification and redirection. This suit has the new and improved vibranium arc reactor which produces enhanced energy output. The suit also has Vibranium Blades which can be activated from the gauntlets of armor.

Mark IX: W/Excalibur

In comics, once iron man’s Mark IX armor was blended with Excalibur, which replaces all weaponry and powers of this suit with magical ones. The addition of magic in suit gives the advantage of invulnerability. This mystical suit comes with a ponytail which is not so cool in terms of appearance.

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