Black Panther Wears The Red Panther Suit, Which is His Greatest Armor

The Marvel Comic Verse has been teeming with interesting storylines as of late. be it the 2016 Thanos run or The Mighty Thor run where Jane Foster took over the role of the hero in the comics. All of these storylines have improved upon the characters as they existed before the inception of the MCU. Similarly, there is a new ongoing storyline in the comics which involved the introduction of a character called Doctor Doom Supreme. This evil villain is a version of Doom at the height of his power. To combat this monster Black Panther wears the Red Panther suit, which is his greatest armor yet. Let’s see if this new upgrade to his arsenal is strong enough to stand up against the Masters of Evil in this multiversal conflict.

Let me put things in context for you. The aforementioned incident happened in Avengers #53. This current storyline involves the advent of the Masters of Evil from the multiverse. These are led by Kid Thanos and Doctor Doom Supreme. The Masters of Evil are extreme versions of the Earth-616 villains. They are somewhat similar but greatly different and much more dangerous. The Avengers that fight this new supervillain threat include Deathlok, Valkyrie, Black Panther, and Namor. But the problem is that these versions of the villains are well versed in dispatching entire superhero teams. So how have been the Avengers keeping up with them? Well, part of this has to do with the upgrades the heroes have got during the conflict.


Black Panther Wears The Red Panther Suit

Our story starts with Valkyrie, who inquires about the Panther Lord. She is informed that T’challa is taking the elevator because he needed to prepare for Doom. Bear in mind that Doctor Doom Supreme is not your average Doctor Doom. This version is even more horrendous than the 616 version. He wears his ex-lover’s skin for God’s sake. He is no one to be messed with. But the real threat comes from the fact that this version of Doctor Doom has a very high degree of proficiency in the mystic arts. This makes him nearly invincible, mostly because there is no one in the Avengers roster who can defend against this level of magic.


So T’challa takes it upon himself to fight against Doom while Namor fights off Kid Thanos. He does this by dawning the Red Panther suit. This suit comes equipped with “thrice-blessed Vibranium Dambe boxing cords,” “stone from the Wakandan necropolis,” “armor of metallicized Orisha-blood,” and “antimagic defense protocols.” It is specifically made to withstand sorcery and other mystic arts. So much so that Balck Panther is able to take the fight to Doctor Doom. The suit’s source of power is the remnant cosmic energy from the celestial. This makes the suit highly durable and allows T’challa to battle with Doom on equal footing.


The suit also allows T’challa to brawl with these villains on par. Avengers #53  by Jason Aaron, Juan Frigeri, David Curiel, and VC’s Cory Petit gave us the greatest version of Black Panther’s suit to date. Although the stock suit of the hero already had a number of gadgets and shenanigans, this new version is a significant upgrade. We think that it will play a major role in the future of Marvel comics.


The Consequences

This suit debuted because Kid Thanos and Doctor Doom Supreme attacked the facility without warning. But it will become an important plot device in the future. Whether it be because of its antimagic capabilities or enhanced durability. The Panther Lord now has the means to fight a kind of foe that he could never before. We may even see a version of this suit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if the Multiverse of Madness gets out of hand. We cannot know until the movie finally comes out but it is fun to speculate.


What do you think about Panther Lord’s new suit? Does it make you giddy with anticipation? Or does it make you question the dream science of the Marvel comicverse? Maybe you have a better idea for an upgrade to the current Black Panther suit. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments below and keep watching t his space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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