10 Incredible Facts About Gambit We Bet Even Diehard X-Men Fans do Not Know

Facts About Gambit:

Second, only to Wolverine in terms of popularity, Gambit aka Remy LeBeau is one of X-Men’s greatest mutants. He is smart, suave, and charming. Apart from his ability to turn kinetic energy into explosive energy, Gambit has a lot of other qualities and facets to his past that the fans have no idea about. The French-speaking Anti-Hero has his own deep, dark secrets that he does not want anybody else to know. Well, now you will!!

 1. He is a traitor

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Gambit has had questionable allegiances ever since he became a part of the x-Men. His past as a core member of the International Guild of Thieves made him into a turncoat. Gambit is prone to change sides and join hands with the most profitable partner even if it means betraying his own friends. For his own bidding, Gambit is ready to stoop down to any level imaginable. When the Mutant Messiah aka Hope Summers was born, the X-Men and Mister Sinister were ready to do whatever it takes to ensure they captured her first. Gambit, even though an X-Man, sided with Mister Sinister. He was misled by Mystique who lied to him by saying that if Gambit betrayed the team then Mister Sinister could bring Rogue out of her coma.

 2. He is an amazing cook

Facts About Gambit

Remy has had a long and colorful history. When he was but a novice in an international smuggling organization, he was made to do odd jobs. He traveled all over the world and picked up new skills that were uncommon for his rough and rugged appearance. One of the many skills he learned was his cooking skills. His culinary talents were super refined and he has never shied away from displaying them to his friends and allies. Once when Gambit was in the middle of the desert, he actually created a Michelin Star level recipe out of the most meager of food materials available that impressed even Professor X, a person who is not easily impressed. When he was in a relationship with Rogue, Gambit used to cook a lot for his better half.

 3. He has the power of Hypnosis

Facts About Gambit

Gambit has the power to literally make anything a potent explosive. But that is not his only ability. He is also pretty good when it comes to the power of suggestive influence. Gambit has a very charming exterior and his charisma can be captivating to both men and women, who easily fall prey to his subtle suggestions. Many times Gambit has managed to infiltrate several layers of security and entice even the coldest of women just by using his highly appealing charismatic influence. His words are sometimes enough to break even the strongest of wills. That is why he is such a hit with the ladies.

 4. Was Once a Horseman of Apocalypse

Whenever the mutant population is in danger of extinction or negligence, the Mutant God known as Apocalypse comes forth to rile things up and set things right. His methods are extreme and radical and the X-Men vehemently oppose his tactics since they go against the ideology of Human-Mutant Co-Existence as opposed to Apocalypse’s view of mutant dominance over humanity. Apocalypse has tried to recruit powerful mutants to become his Four Horsemen – his most trusted Generals in battle. Gambit leaves the X-Men and becomes the Horseman of Death. While the team believes that Gambit left because they neglected him, Gambit actually wanted to infiltrate Apocalypse’s inner circle and gather critical information on him.

 5. Bitter Rivalry with Wolverine

Nobody knows why Logan hates Gambit’s guts. But it is a rivalry that has managed to persist for far too long than we could care. And frankly its quite fun to watch the two bicker and sneer at each other! Ever since Gambit debuted as an X-Man after he saved Storm who had lost her memories back then, Wolverine has avoided looking Gambit in the eye. Some say it is probably because other than Wolverine, Gambit is probably the second most well-known mutant and he is as popular as Logan. They have been paired together for a series called Wolverine/Gambit where they combine their skills and resources to solve a murder mystery.

 6. He is a Potterhead and a Trekkie

Facts About Mutant Gambit

He is a superhero and a celebrity him-self. But it never hurts to humanize a character and make him more relatable. Gambit may be a hero but in the end, he too has hobbies. He is a diehard Harry Potter fan and he absolutely loves and adores Star Trek. When the X-Men met the crew of Star Trek Enterprise in a crossover issue, Gambit could not contain his excitement. The fan could see Gambit being a fanboy and having his fanboy moments with the people of the USS Enterprise. If DC could make Batman takes selfies with Cat Woman, Marvel can make Gambit a fanboy who idolizes Star Trek and Harry Potter.

 7. Once blew up the entire planet

Facts About Gambit

Gambit struggles to keep his powers in check. One wrong move and he could ignite a person with an explosive charge, which would be deadly to not just that person but everyone around as well. In another universe, an alternate reality Gambit failed to keep his powers in check. In the New Sun storyline, Gambit realizes that one of his alternate reality versions became so powerful that he could kinetically charge objects with just a stare. Anything that he looked at would spontaneously explode. Not even his own planet could survive Gambit. Everyone he ever knew and loved died as Gambit’s powers literally made Earth explode.

 8. He is filthy rich

He may be a thief but he does that only as a past time now. Gambit has managed to steal so many artworks and valuable items that he has enough cash to be a Multi-Millionaire. When somebody put a bounty on Gambit’s head and Bullseye decided to pay Gambit a visit, Remy immediately wrote Bullseye a Million-Dollar Check and asked him to go away. Gambit has multiple accounts containing huge amounts of cash in different locations throughout the globe. He may not be paying taxes anytime soon but rest assured, if he is ever driven out of the X-Mansion, his pockets are deep enough to buy him a villain in Spain or a Chateau in France.

 9. Leader of the international Thieves Guild

Gambit was once a young mutant boy living mouth to hand on the streets of New Orleans. On a particular day, Gambit would pick the pocket of a man who would later be revealed as Jean-Luc LeBeau, the legendary thief and cat burglar and the leader of the International Thieves Guild. Jean-Luc LeBeau would acknowledge Gambit’s sleight of hand and his skills as a pick-pocket and would train him to become a Master thief. Gambit would gain a family amongst the Guild members and has regularly come forth to help them in their time of need. He has even taken up leadership roles in the Thieves Guild after Jean-Luc LeBeau stepped down.

 10. Killed the Phoenix

Remember the alternate version of Gambit that we talked about, the one that destroyed his whole planet by making it explode?? Gambit’s New Sun arc revealed to us what happens if Gambit loses control of his powers and becomes a force of nature. No enemy is powerful enough to stand up to him. Not even the Phoenix was capable enough to defeat this Gambit from an alternate universe. To be able to defeat an entity that has made an attire star explode is just mentally unfathomable to us. Just how powerful is this guy?!

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