The Twin Brother of Wonder Woman Is A Huge Supervillain

Justice League: Darkseid War fundamentally changed the storylines of every major Justice Leaguer. And just like several of them were led to revelations they couldn’t turn away from, Wonder Woman was no exception. For those who have read the arc (and the unlucky ones who haven’t), Wonder Woman has a twin brother by the name of Jason.

He was born on the same day as Diana on the Paradise island of Themiscyra. The island has a strict female only policy and since the infant was a male, he was shipped off of the island to neutral grounds, far from danger. The news was as shocking to Diana as it was to the readers, though the news wasn’t much focused on as a story on later issues. The news about Jason only came to limelight after it was found that Grail, daughter of Darkseid and Amazonian by blood considered Jason to be a being of supreme power to rival the Gods and was also looking for him in Dc Rebirth Special #1.



Wonder Woman #32 last pages show a heartwarming reunion between the long lost siblings of Themiscyra for the very first time. Nonetheless, like all good comic book plots there comes a twist. And it is a biggie. James Robinson and Sergio Davila’s #34 this week leads to the actual meeting of the super twins.

The pair meet and smile and stuff on the serene coasts of the Aegean sea like the ending of a good old movie before shit hits the fan. Turns out it was all just a ruse by Jason. Diana has been led to a trap by her brother who has secretly loathed her guts since forever. That’s right folks. Diana’s brother is a super villain.

The evil twin and the noble counterpart stereotype got hold of this storyline as well. Jason’s big debut onto the DC imprint has had been teased for about two years. And now that he does make his entry into the DC universe at last, he does it in the shoes of evil, an as of yet another villain who has grown hateful of the Amazonian princess.

The “Children of the Gods” storyline is just what it sounds like. The twist isn’t made obvious from the start. Jason and Diana meet and they discuss how their blood binds them together. The change in story direction is inevitable but the reader is fooled into believing the brother is a good guy of sorts. They joke about their powers, Jason jokes about his nose and how it’s different from Diana’s, they discuss quite a bit about their powers. Diana has some while Jason has all of Diana’s and quite a sackful more. When Jason mentions he has been using his powers to help the folks around him, people are fooled into believing he just might turn into the Robin Diana’s inner batman had been looking for for so long.

wonder woman

They couldn’t be more wrong. As dusk comes to pass, Diana is made privy to the revelation that Jason isn’t what he seems to be. He reveals he hates his sister to her very core and as for the feeling of a connection, he feels he has that more with…. Grail, the perpetrator of the Darkseid War and Diana’s ‘sister’ of the Amazons.

Grail arrives at that moment and reveals herself as an ally of Jason. The two tag team Diana into a corner who fights with all the guts and glory she can possibly muster up in a fight she is bound to lose. The tiny sliver of hope that Diana may come out as the Victor is lost when Jason reveals his true power as the son of Zeus- God of the Skies. Diana’s secret twin brother can manipulate the air itself to create devastating tsunamis. All hopes of Diana winning the fight are washed up (pun intended).


Jason takes his leave with Grail but not before promising Diana that he will be the end of her. Two years of searching for his brother leads Diana to another vengeful jackass that also wants her death. TYPICAL. The interactions of Jason and Diana earlier in the issue were too good to be true, to be honest. Something didn’t feel right. Jason could be one of two things – Good or Bad. He chose the latter. The association with Grail somehow redeems the storyline (just a bit) which has become somewhat of a stereotype in superhero comics. Let’s hope later issues add better and more interesting plotlines.

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