Mera’s New Husband replaces Aquaman as the new King of Atlantis

The whole world now knows the story of Arthur Curry and how he became Aquaman, taking over the throne of Atlantis and ruling the Seven Seas. After fighting Orm (his half-brother), Arthur was finally able to end the drums of an impending war between the sea and the surface world. To help him in his endeavor was Mera, his one true love. The story is pretty much the same in the comic books. Mera has always been by Aquaman’s side, helping him face fearful odds. Her love for Aquaman runs deep. But turns out, that love just somehow ran out. Mera has married someone else and Arthur is in one hell of a surprise. Mera’s New Husband is now the rightful King of Atlantis. Presenting – Mera’s New Husband replaces Aquaman as the new King of Atlantis!!

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Aquaman #50. Enter at your own risk….

One of the most popular couples in the DC Comic Book Universe is now at the verge of coming to an abrupt and bitter end. The Queen of Atlantis was shockingly seen agreeing to an engagement to another man in this issue. The announcement is sure to derail the life of Aquaman, who is currently going through a tough time as his relationship with Mera is put through the acid test.

During the Rebirth saga, Aquaman ended up proposing to Mera and Mera agreed to be his wife. But the Council of Atlantis, the highest ruling body of the underwater kingdom, second only to the King, managed to oust Arthur from the throne after he revealed his plans to develop closer relationships with the human beings of the surface. They then went on to crown Mera as the New Queen of Atlantis after the guy they chose to be the next King turned out to be a megalomaniac that only cared for death and destruction.

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Aquaman returns later to aid Mera in her duties as the new ruler, acting as a consort. But then Mera accidentally kills Arthur in a latter issue, after Arthur reveals he wants to have some time away from her. Mera lashed out because she thought Arthur was running away from her new responsibilities as a father since Mera had revealed that she was pregnant at that time.

Aquaman #50 takes the story forward. Arthur has returned from the dead and now resides in Amnesty Bay in his father’s home. He is wary of Mera since she was the one responsible for killing him in the first place. When asked what he would do next, Arthur claims that if Mera needs him, she will come to him. Back at Atlantis, Mera is also asked about Arthur and she gives a similar reply. The Council of Atlantis is pressing for Mera’s remarriage so that the Kingdom could have a new king. With Mera’s pregnancy becoming more and more visible, time is running short.

Lord Vulko, Mera and Arthur’s greatest ally and confidante ever since the story of Aquaman began, is the one that vehemently opposes the Council pressuring Mera into marrying so someone she may not love. He believes that marriages must not be conducted in such haste. Vulko has been called one of the most cunning political strategists the world has ever seen. After he realized Orm was unfit to rule, he was the one who bashed the war drums, sending the Seas and the Surface World into the brink of war.

Arthur would later defeat Orm and take over the throne, which was Vulko’s plan all along. When Aquaman learns of his treachery, he imprisons Vulko, who happily accepts his punishment since he is happy that Atlantis is in good hands now. But Vulko has returned to the Council, reinstated to his former position by Mera against the recommendations of the rest of the Council Members. He has time and again proved his worth to the throne since then by providing valuable advice and service to Mera. So to honor his loyalty and fealty to the Atlantean throne, Mera announces she will be marrying Vulko.

We still do not know how Mera or Vulko intend to let this one play out. We will have to wait and see if there are other forces at work. For now, just remember that there is a new King of the Seven Seas in town.

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