How Black Panther 2 Can Include Latveria (The Country of Doctor Doom)

We are going to witness some of the most exciting projects from the MCU this year. Each of these projects is going to be sequels to some of the most important characters we have seen in the franchise. While there is some idea regarding most of the projects, Black Panther 2 remains an absolute mystery. The movie has experienced quite a lot of issues during its production and it hasn’t yet been completed yet. Fans are generating all sorts of theories regarding what we might get to see in this sequel and considering some of these things might actually come true. One of the biggest theories has been regarding the possible presence of the character of Doctor Doom in the movie. A new rumor gives us some insight into how Black Panther 2 can include Latveria, which is the country led by Victor Von Doom.

Wakanda Forever

The Black Panther sequel has suffered quite a lot of delays ever since the project started developing. The very first one of these was the sudden loss of Chadwick Boseman, who played the titular character. But soon reports emerged that somehow Ryan Coogler has found a way around the death of Chadwick Boseman and it would be an honorable way. Fans were excited to see if the mantle of Black Panther was now going to be given to someone else. This led to fans theorizing that his sister Shuri would take over the mantle of Black Panther. For a while, there were even theories that Killmonger would be returning to take on the mantle.


While fans went wild with their theories regarding the movie, the project continued to suffer multiple delays. The COVID-19 pandemic led to the initial production getting delayed to some later date. But then there were the injuries that Letitia Wright faced that led to a halt in the project, the director continued with scenes that didn’t require her presence. When the shoot for the film finally began this year, it again faced a pause due to someone in the production getting COVID positive. While the delays continue to happen for the movie, let’s take a look a new theory that has come out regarding the movie.


Black Panther 2 Can Include Latveria

Some of the initial theories for Black Panther were regarding who will end up taking the mantle of Black Panther. There was a major theory that indicated that multiple Wakandans might end up taking the mantle. This was followed by the theory that we will get to witness the Wakandans in a war with the people of Atlantis. Namor was even theorized to be the primary antagonist for the film. But then a new rumor emerged that we will be getting to see Doctor Doom making an appearance in the movie. Apparently, he would be responsible for the war between the Wakandans and the people of Atlantis.


But now there’s a popular rumor suggesting that Doom’s country of Latveria might be an Easter Egg for a possible sequel. According to sources, one of the scenes in the movie is going to take place during United Nations Meeting. This was previously seen take place in both Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther. Introducing Latveria as one of the countries attending this meeting and offering its alliance to the people of Wakanda could be a perfect way. Doom himself might not end up appearing considering he might not be involved in the politics of Latveria. But this would actually be a clear indication of the existence of Victor Von Doom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Black Panther 2 Can Include Latveria

There is much excitement regarding the character of Victor Von Doom making an appearance in the MCU. This was clearly indicated when the trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight indicated something out of the focus – “von D-“. Fans didn’t take any time to point out that this could be a reference to Victor Von Doom but in fact, it was supposed to stand for von Darrelman. It is fair to think that MCU should introduce this character now that the Fantastic Four movie is under development with Jon Watts set to direct.


Considering the movie doesn’t face any more delays, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will be released in theaters worldwide on Nov 11.

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