10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Thor That You May Not Know

This god of Asgard is one of Earths mightiest heroes. Thor is one the iconic heroes who have been around since 1950’s. Surprised?! Read on!!

1) Thor has been replaced by a woman

Like all superheroes, Thor has died and been resurrected several times. Marvel had everyone surprised by having the mighty god return in 2014 as a woman. Not just any woman it was his human girlfriend Jane Foster who took on the mantle.

When Thor found himself no longer worthy of wielding the hammer, it was Jane who stepped in and picked up from where he left off. Battling against frost giants and evil gods.

Though this move of female Thor had faced some resistance from comic book fans but the series has been successful both commercially and critically.

2) Thor’s Asgardian diet

Chris Hemsworth had to change his diet to a protein diet in order to gain get the right kind of body for the role. He ate endless amounts of chicken breast, steaks, brown rice, green vegetables and 5 liters of water a day.

Who said it’s easy being Thor!

3) The curious case of Donald Blake

Blake acted as a host to Thor while his time on earth with his body alternating between Blake and Thor when the need arose.

However, the reboot of the character saw them become two separate entities. Marvel has avoided this character, though they put an Easter Egg in the first film when Thor’s driver license appears with the name Dr. Donald Blake.

4) Tom Hiddleston auditioned for Thor

So far Hiddleston has done a great job when it comes to MCU’s big bad baddie for the movie. Marvel decided he was a better fit as a god of mischief, a role he took on to with affluence.

5) Thor first appeared in the same month as Spiderman

1960’s was a significant decade for Marvel where we saw the introduction of some of the iconic characters. Where Thor first appeared in the August 1962 issue of Journey into Mystery, in issue #83 of that series. The second big thing to happen was the launch of Spiderman in Amazing Fantasy #15.

6) First Superhero based on a God

Wanting to create a character that was stronger than Hulk, Stan Lee decided to make a god and based Thor’s character as the hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder and protector of the Earth.

7) They built and destroyed a fake town for the 2011 film

Set designers built the new town in a small town in New Mexico, a perfect setting for Thor and the Destroyers to battle around in the whole town. With the battle the whole town was destroyed, leaving no scope for Thor’s return to the town.

8) Not the first version of Thor in Marvel Universe

Little known, though, he first appeared in a Marvel series called the Venus in 1950’s, although it wasn’t the same character as we know and love today.

The series focused on the character Venus based on the Roman goddess of the same name and he was one of the many characters of interpretation of mythological figure. The series was canceled after 19 issues and scrapping off Thor’s character as well.

9) Thor’s live action debut was in “The Incredible Hulk Returns” TV movie

Thor first appeared on screen in 1960 in the animated program the Marvel superhero’s, but he made his live-action debut in 1988.

Though he never received his own movie but he started alongside Hulk in the TV series Incredible Hulk returns.

10) Thor was originally written for DC

One of the founding members of the Avengers, Jack Kirby admitted that he actually created him for DC Comics in the 1950’s before he and Stan Lee established the character with Marvel.

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