10 Things In The Harry Potter Movies That We Still Don’t Understand

Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in the world and has the biggest fandom across the world. The movies were great and the books magical but there are some things that cannot be overlooked. If you have watched the movies a million times like most of us then you would know how they have some plot holes here and there. So these are some more plot holes from the Harry Potter movies:

Moaning Myrtle played by a 37-year-old actress:

This might sound crazy but the girl who died in the girl’s bathroom was played by a 37 year old woman. Myrtle would have been 14 or 15 when she died so they should have hired a teen to play her but instead Shirley Henderson who was 37 then played this character. We know it doesn’t matter much and that the actor’s ability matters but now that you know it you just can’t ignore it.

What happened to Tom?

Remember Tom from the first movie who owned the Leaky Cauldron? Well he was a normal looking old guy in the first movie but when he returned in the third film as a hunchbacked creepy looking guy we were shocked. We don’t care about re-casting the actor but why did he get a whole new identity? Did they forget they had already shown him in the first movie?

Harry using magic outside school:

The books and movies have made it very clear in the past how students are not allowed to use magic outside school till the age of 17. In POA however we see Harry using magic in the very first scene of the movie. He is not trying to protect himself from dementors but merely practicing a spell. This is a plot hole and should not have been there.

Professor Flitwick’s makeover:

The Charms professor looked much older in the first movie with white hair and a beard but when he appeared in the third movie he had short black hair and a moustache. He became a totally different person and took more interest in being the orchestra instructor rather than teaching charms. His makeover was never even addressed. He is an important character and therefore this change couldn’t be overlooked.

The missing case of Charlie Weasley:

Many storylines were cut from the movies due to obvious reasons and many characters too. One such character is of course Charlie Weasley, the second eldest Weasley son who existed only in our imagination. He was mentioned a few times in the movies but we would have loved to see him at least in the last film fighting alongside his family. Justice for Charlie!

Lily Potter’s eyes:

We have heard a million times that Harry has his mother’s green eyes right? Daniel Radcliffe has blue eyes and because he had some issues wearing colored contacts they didn’t make his eyes green fair enough. They also hired a blue-eyed actress to play the adult Lily and all was still fine. In the last movie, however, we see the younger version of Lily and she has brown eyes! It felt like the makers didn’t care anymore.

Mystery of the magic mirror:

Some plot holes in the movies are based on the fact that all the books had not been written by JKR yet and even though she told about all the big plot points to the directors there were things even she might not have decided would become important later. For example the mirror that saves Harry and friends in the last two movies was given to him in the fifth book by Sirius but this was never shown in the movie. In the last two movies however it magically shows up because now it was important.

Pettigrew and the Marauder’s map:

This has probably been the biggest plot hole and has been discussed multiple times on all platforms. So why did Pettigrew not appear on the map every time the Weasley twins looked at it? If we say that wizards cannot appear on the map in their animagus form then it is a good explanation but the only problem is that in the movie when Harry followed Pettigrew in the corridor at night he was in his animagus form and Harry could see him on the map.

Neville’s Parents:

harry potter

If you have never read the books and have only watched the movies you might have been under the impression that Neville’s parents were dead but that is wrong. The fifth book shows us the whole picture and we get to know that Frank and Alice Longbottom were very much alive. However they had become mentally unstable after being tortured and didn’t remember anything, not even their son. Neville used to visit his parents at the St. Mungo’s hospital and the whole scene was heartbreaking but it was important to understand Neville’s struggle.

Why didn’t Harry mend his own wand?

In the end of the last movie Harry breaks the Elder wand and throws the pieces away but remember his own wand was broken? When Harry and Hermione escaped from Godric’s Hollow Harry’s wand broke because of a rebounded spell. In the book Harry mends his own wand and then puts the Elder wand where it should be (in Dumbledore’s grave). Breaking the wand was a stupid move and probably one of the biggest plot holes in the movie.

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