WB is Developing a Live Action Justice League Reboot Movie

Justice League Reboot Movie:

Warner Bros. struck an axe on their own two feet when they let Zack Snyder go and had Joss Whedon completely turn the film into an atrocity. The result of that wasn’t just a mediocre performance of the film at the Box Office, but also a hoard of people bad-mouthing the production company entirely. By now, everyone knows that Snyder was wronged by the executives, and that is why the guys at AT&T greenlit his cut after buying WB. But because WB had tainted the Justice League brand, they just cannot continue with it as a franchise. They have no choice but to start fresh. And now, WB is having another shot at the tainted brand with a Justice League reboot movie.

Jeremy Conrad from DCEU Mythic has reported that WB “has begun development on a Justice League: Rebirth film which is separate from the Snyder Cut and not a continuation of that Justice League story.” So clearly, it won’t be in the regular DCEU continuity, and the likes of Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Zachary Levi, Ezra Miller & Henry Cavill won’t be playing their superhero characters in this movie. WB wants to make Justice League as big of a brand as The Avengers, and their way to do that is by getting away from Snyder’s Justice League.

Justice League Reboot Movie

Conrad further goes on to suggest that WB is looking for a director with the caliber and status of someone like a JJ Abrams, if not Abrams himself. If Abrams does indeed take on the live action Justice League: Rebirth movie, then we reckon that it could be a part of the same Universe in which Abrams’ Justice League Dark series will be set on HBO Max. But if Abrams doesn’t direct the Justice League: Rebirth movie, then it will be obvious that this film won’t be a part of the same universe as Justice League Dark.

Either way, WB will still look to make a connection because what they are literally looking to do is expand a Multiverse. They have already established the fact that most, or all of their DC properties (and even Lucifer) are a part their extensive Multiverse. The Universe of Michael Keaton’s Batman, Brandon Routh’s Superman, Adam West’s Batman and the entire DCEU were all a part of the Multiverse along with the likes of the Arrowverse, the Universe of Titans & Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Stargirl and many others.

It is now clear that WB has plans to use the Multiverse set up for their future stories. The Flash will start this connectivity by bringing Michael Keaton’s Batman into the picture. Then there are rumors of a Batman Beyond movie to take place on Keaton’s Earth. There are further reports of WB developing films like New Gods, Zatanna, and Constantine. So, Justice League Rebirth has to be a part of WB’s Multiverse plans.

Justice League Reboot Movie

WB’s goal seems to be getting ahead of Marvel with regards to having a well oiled Multiverse. Once they release the Justice League: Rebirth movie, they’d have 3 major Universes where 3 different teams of Justice League exist. The first is Snyder’s Justice League Universe (the DCEU) on HBO Max & on the big screen. The second would be JJ Abrams’ Justice League Dark Universe on HBO Max. Considering that the Rebirth Universe and the Justice League Dark Universe will be different, Rebirth becomes the third Universe where a textbook Justice League exists with different actors.

This way, WB could have Multiversal crossovers whenever they feel like. They could have Injustice or Crisis like stories take place on the big screen. And they could also continue a Justice League franchise that might turn out to be as big as The Avengers in about 5-10 years.

Justice League Reboot Movie

Let’s wait and see if the reports about Rebirth are indeed true. If they are, then it’d mean that we’d have at least 4 Batmen appearing on the big screen (excluding Affleck). Would you like to see this Justice League Reboot story? Tell us in the comments.

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