Why Sprite Should Return In a Black Knight Movie and Not Eternals 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced us to a whole new world with the release of Eternals. Up until now the powers of its heroes came either from their technology or their genetics. However, Eternals introduced the Power Cosmic and the Celestials. However, the Eternals remained at the center of attention until the end of the movie. Out of all the Eternals, one with the most obscure arcs was Sprite. She only had one role throughout the movie and it was to please Ikaris to the best of her ability. We believe that this hindered the growth of the character. And hence we think Sprite should return in a Black Knight movie and not Eternals 2.

But why would we make such claims? Well, you see, Sprite is a supporting character through and through. Everything from her powers to her quiet resolve is the epitome of the side character who aids you on your quest. But then there is the fact that she was put in the middle of a cosmic disaster and was made to choose between the man she loves and the woman who has been her friend for the past couple of centuries. It comes as no surprise to us that she chose Ikaris. Sprite has an inherent need for companionship and she would do anything to fulfill it.


Sprite Should Return

Even if that means betraying her friends, which she does do at the end of the movie. All in all, the character does not have a lot of redeeming qualities, and the only time we mildly enjoy her existence is when the character is interacting with Kit Harrington at the start of the movie. This part is a bit obvious but the fans developed a distaste for the character by the end of the movie.


Sprite Should Return In A Black Knight Movie

She is the epitome of everything we want to hate about the Eternals. She is unconcerned with humanity and is only focused on her own goals. Sprite has no redeeming qualities but there is the way that this character could still be salvaged by the studio for something better. This includes putting her in a situation where she is forced to grow beyond her selfish self. At the end of Eternals, Sprite is converted into a human as all the cosmic energy inside her is used up.


We also get to see the Ebony Blade being unveiled by Kit Harrington in the after-credits scene alluding to his future in the MCU as the Black Knight. So we have a theory. It basically boils down to the fact that using Sprite as a Eternals’ stand-in in a Black Knight movie might be a great idea. Since Blade will feature Kit’s Black Knight, the character would have already developed beyond his basic origin story.


So, to give him his own movie along with Sprite would allow them to be more than the sum total of their parts. Black Knight and Sprite could focus on the rescue of Sersi while Eternals 2 may end up focusing on the climactic battle between the Eternals and the Celestials. This would allow the studio to separate the emotional turmoil of Kit and Sprit from the final battle and help them not make the mistakes of Eternals. It is already proven that Sprite and Black Knight have great onscreen chemistry so pairing them up might not be such a bad idea.


The Future

Sprite Should Return

With Blade in the running along with Black Knight and Sprite, the rescue team will have everything it needs. Although the biggest hurdle to this is the fact that Sprite no longer has her powers there is no way that she would be anything more than a burden on the team. But there is a possibility that the character might get some of her powers back in the Black Knight movie. Given her stubborn nature, it is possible that she will follow Blade and Black Knight into battle despite knowing her limitations.


It would be a risk for the studio but it is something that can work well if it is executed well. It really depends on how the character is used in the story and whether the writers can make something other than just abhorrently boring. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments below, and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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