Netflix Faces Legal Complaints Over The Big Bang Theory’s Offensive Language

Hey, have you heard about the legal complaint Netflix received for an offensive joke on The Big Bang Theory? Apparently, in Season 2, Episode 1, Raj made a crude remark about two well-known Bollywood actors, referring to one as a “goddess” and the other as a “leprous prostitute.”. Mithun Vijay Kumar, a social activist, and author was so outraged by this remark that he had his attorney send Netflix a notice requesting that they immediately take the episode down from their platform because of The Big Bang Theory’s offensive language.

Because they may have an adverse effect on society and how women are treated, in Kumar’s opinion, such jokes shouldn’t be tolerated. He contends that remarks like Raj’s can reinforce negative stereotypes and discrimination against women, as well as advance sexism and misogyny. Additionally, according to Kumar, the episode breaks Indian laws and rules pertaining to portraying women and promoting gender equality, making it a potential target for legal action.


The portrayal of women in The Big Bang Theory has drawn criticism before. For instance, Penny received a lot of flak for her overly sexualized wardrobe in the earlier seasons. The actor who played Penny, Kaley Cuoco, later clarified that the character’s attire represented her gradual transformation from the “cute girl next door to the nerds” to a more grounded, nuanced figure. Penny eventually chooses to become a pharmaceutical sales representative and settles down in a happy marriage with Leonard.


Another character, Howard, faced pushback from viewers for his inappropriate treatment of women. The actor who played Howard, Simon Helberg, acknowledged that some of the things Howard said or did on the show were problematic and agreed with the criticisms of the character. In my opinion, it’s essential to be mindful of how we portray women in media. Jokes that perpetuate harmful stereotypes and discrimination against women are not funny and can have real-world consequences. It’s good to see people like Kumar speaking out against these comments and holding media companies accountable for their actions.


While Helberg didn’t think Howard should be removed from the show, he enjoyed playing the character more as he evolved into a more compassionate person. What are your thoughts regarding the Big Bang Theory’s offensive language? Let us know in the comments.

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