There’s A Mystery Character in No Way Home & It Has To Be Uncle Ben

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been expanding at an unprecedented pace. The main reason for the onslaught of the content we are receiving is twofold. Firstly the pandemic delayed Marvel Studio’s production schedule substantially so now the realizes are tightly packed together. Secondly, the timeline has been freed by the murder of He Who Remains by Sylvie in Loki. The first major repercussion of this will be seen in Spiderman: No Way Home as the multiverse is explored. Moreover, there is also a mystery character in No Way Home.

This mystery character is supposed to have a connection to Uncle Ben and some fans have speculated that it will be Uncle Ben himself. But what exactly are we talking about? Let us break it down for you. Tom Holland recently teased a scene from No Way Home. This scene, in the actor’s opinion, is, ”The coolest”. The scene is about Happy Hogan, Aunty May, Peter Parker, and a fourth character sitting around a table discussing what it means to be a hero. This sounds quite interesting but also quite revealing.


Sometimes you find out the most from what the person chooses not to tell you. The fact that Tom Holland does not name the fourth character means that it is someone who will play a very prominent role in the movie. It may be one of the multiverse Spider-Men or someone from Peter’s past. The latter is more likely because the multiverse version of Spider-Man may be better employed in an action sequence. However, we have a theory that unifies both of these prospects. Read on to find out what it is.


Mystery Character in No Way Home

The mystery character in No Way Home is going to be Uncle Ben. We think the main reason for this is that Ben will be the best person to give Tom Holland the, ”Great power, great responsibility” speech. Since the MCU glossed over the origins of Spider-Man in Civil War and Homecoming. No Way Home may be the perfect opportunity to explore this segment of Holland’s story. There’s a theory out there that can make the coolest scene even more interesting. Some fans have been speculating that Tom Holland’s Uncle Ben may have looked like Tobey Maguire.


Since we have never seen MCU’s version of the character, this theory is entirely feasible, but there is more. The theory states that Tobey Spider-Man will be a part of No Way Home in a bigger sense than previously anticipated. He would act as both a guardian to Peter and a look-alike to Uncle Ben in the MCU. This will make him an indispensable part of the story, and you know what comes next. More likely than not Tobey Maguire will meet his death at the end of this story. If that happens then his version of Spider-Man will finally know the rest.


We remember the old Spider-Man from Into the Spiderverse. Interestingly, he was also based on Maguire and Raimi’s version. The appearance of this Spider-Man in the MCU could be the exact push that Tom Bolland needs to come into his own. After all, there is the Multiverse of Madness and the Multiversal War to deal with. But why are Happy and May important? Well, lest we forget, May is dating Happy. The couple has even tried talking to Peter about it. But the matter has largely remained unaddressed. The appearance of a Ben look-alike will up the ante of the entire conversation.


The Consequences

We feel that the death of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man will make the entire story more appealing. It will be a drastic end to an era that Raimi has wanted to conclude for a long time. We cannot still hope for a Spider-Man 4 with a 46 yr old Spider-Man. You never know what could happen with these things. But with Raimi directing Multiverse Of Madness, it is a huge possibility that that movie will carry forward whatever happens in No Way Home. Now that the multiverse has been unleashed by Sylvie in Loki, there is going to be some serious action headed pour way.


Maybe another time heist. Or a battle throughout time, or a simultaneous battle with multiple teams like in Infinity War and a battle throughout time 😨. Whatever the case might be, we can’t wait to see the Mystery Character in No Way Home. Tell us what you think of this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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