Kang Blocked The Powers Of Infinity Stones In Loki?

We’ve learned that according to the TVA (or He-Who-Remains), Infinity Stones were not supposed to work in any other universe except the MCU. However, episode 8 of Disney+’s What If…? saw Ultron going from one alternate universe to another, while fighting The Watcher. This conundrum was rising controversy among the MCU fanatic community until a fan gave us this theory. What if… Kang lied to Loki, and they just siphoned the power of Infinity Stones in the TVA to make Loki feel helpless. So, Kang blocked the powers of Infinity Stones?


Disney+’s Loki was an emotional roller-coaster ride for the Asgardian prince. He was stuck in a constant timeline, until the Avengers performed the time heist and Loki got his hands on the Tesseract, AGAIN. He uses its power to travel to a far-off land but is soon apprehended by the Time Variance Authority. There, much to his surprise, he found that magic and Infinity Stones hold no power. Shockingly, the TVA workers were using these stones as paperweights. However, the new theory completely contradicts this.



The paperweight-stones led to a common theory that the Stones will lose their power as they leave their original universe. But, as it turns out, this rule was limited to the main MCU. In the recent episode of What If…?, Ultron kills the Mad Titan in a split second and acquires all six infinity stones. He continues his mission of (violent)Piece and commits universal genocide. He even becomes aware of the multiverse and wishes to destroy those too. When the Watcher tried to stop him, breaking his oath, Ultron traveled from reality to reality, fighting him.



Kang blocked the powers of Infinity Stones

Nathaniel Richards aka He-Who-Remains, a scientist, created the TVA to keep the multiverse at bay. According to the theorist, He-Who-Remains found a way to neutralize the stones which reach the gates of TVA. He does it so the stones can not be used to do inter-universe travel which Ultron does in episode 8. This was possible because Ultron may have belonged in a universe where the stones kept their original powers. He might’ve done it to save his workers from the variants that end up having Infinity Stone(s). Or it could be a whole different reason or several of them.



The latest episode of What If has proven that the Infinity Stones from different realities vary in properties. Since the Stones represent the different elements of existence or nature, so it might mean that Ultron was in a galaxy that was somewhat similar to his home galaxy. That is why he was able to use the powers of the stones but at the same time, the stones’ differences were enough to keep the stones resistant to the Infinity Crusher.


Kang blocked the powers of Infinity Stones

That is why we think that Kang managed to create the headquarters of TVA at a place in a universe where the stones just stop working. This may not make much sense but this also explains why the MCU’s Infinity Stones did not work outside of their reality. Moreover, He-Who-Remains is a being from the 31st century where there may be technological advances to support such a point.



After watching the beginning of Phase 4, we have an idea of how powerful Kang might be. Thanos was strong but he couldn’t stand the Avengers Assembled. However, the incoming threat will not be like Thanos. With his tech and knowledge from the future, he will be a formidable villain. He is going to know everything that the superheroes could plan for. Kang, by disabling the Infinity Stones which were the focal point of the Infinity Saga, has already established his might.


With no one at the bridge between the multiverse and Kang The Conqueror, all of existence that has ever existed and will ever exist is in grave danger. With the multiverse growing, it is only a matter of time when Kang shows up and until then…

What did you think of this theory? If you don’t, make sure to write your views on what the theory might be.

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