5 Superhero Lairs That Every Marvel and DC Fan Wants To See

One of the things that make superheroes all quiet and mysterious is that no one knows from where they come and where they go, this is all thanks to their hideouts. Here’s a list of the best superhero lairs of our beloved heroes.

The Watchtower

DC’s superheroes have had some seriously phenomenal lairs, but the one that tops it all is the Watchtower. The lair of the Justice League, this lair of theirs can sometimes be situated on the moon while on the other days it orbiting the Earth. Equipped with advanced monitoring technology, the league is able to keep a tab on whatever is going down on Earth. The place has personal rooms, training area, and what not.

Titan Tower

This is undoubtedly the coolest building on the list. A T-shaped tower, situated either off of Manhattan or east of San Francisco, depending on which Earth you are. But this building acts as a base of operations for a team of teenage superheroes. There is absolutely no doubt in how luxurious the building is seeing that it has it personal recreational area and training hall.

Stark Tower

Stark Tower, or as Captain Rogers puts it, “the big ugly building in New York” is the base of operations for Iron Man as well as the Avengers’ operations. The top 3 floors of the facility are donated to the Avengers, where the team’s training rooms, dormitories, kitchen facilities and labs are located. It’s good to have a billionaire in the team I guess.

The X-Mansion

This place was originally Charles Xavier’s mansion. Serving as ‘The School For the Gifted Youngsters’ as well as a lair to the X-Men, this mansion is a vast property having a lot of facilities, firstly all those that a great school has, including classrooms, play field, basketball court, now comes the interesting part. Underneath the school is the lair, where there is also the danger room, where mutants test and hone their skills.

The Batcave

superhero lairs

Let’s get real guys, nothing beats the Batcave. Call it its Goth look or people’s prejudiced love for Batman, but this is one place that every person would want to be his lair. Even if we forget the Wayne Manor, the cave in itself gives a feeling of mystery to the whole superhero thing. The place has separate layers for the Batmobile, the bike, the Batplane and the lab.

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