This Epic Video Shows The Connection Between Loki And WandaVision

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at a steady pace after The Infinity SagaBut there was a time during the pandemic when we were forced to wonder where our heroes were. This lull in the release schedule was broken by the release of Wandavision on 15th March 2021. However, the universe truly opened up during the release of Loki. Loki was a show that did not only expand on the concept of the multiverse but exploded it for all to see. The fireworks at the end of Loki were so big that we are still dealing with the aftermath. Now, some fans have found a connection between Loki and WandaVision that will blow your mind.

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Both these shows are epic in scale and they are also the first to introduce the concept of the multiverse in the MCU. While WandaVision does it with subtle humor and not-so-subtle Agatha HarknessLoki takes a more hands-on approach. The God of Mischief is transformed into a lackey for the time variance authority in this series. He visits all kinds of different universes and is tasked with protecting the sacred timeline. But along this path, he comes in contact with Sylvie, who is a female version of himself, and both fall in love. Loki decides to help her to locate the person who is at the helm of the TVA. They find He Who Remains and Sylvie kills him in the finale.


Connection Between Loki and WandaVision

This murder frees the sacred timeline and creates multiple branch realities because He Who Reamisn was the one who was controlling Kang from getting out. His death causes an eruption of Nexus events. Moreover, at the end of WandaVision, Wanda destroys Agatha and takes her power to become The Scarlet Witch. The interesting thing is that if you play both finales at the same time then these two events sync up. This sync is just a second off. However, at 26:12 in WandaVision, there is a boom that can be clearly heard echoing in Loki at 26:11. He Who Remains even reacts to it, which signifies that he can perceive what is happening to Wanda.


Then comes the moment of truth. At around the 27:43 mark in Loki He Who Remains stops being able to perceive the future. This syncs up perfectly with Wanda’s transformation into The Scarlet Witch. The theory goes that as soon as Wanda transformed into The Scarlet Witch she had gained enough power to become a nexus being. She was able to surpass He Who Remains’ perception and achieved a state that even he could not harm. This meant that he could no longer control the future. Pretty crazy that these moments happen at the exact same timestamp.


The final sync up in the finale comes in the form of a joke but it is a hilarious one. Here we can see that if we let the finales play a little longer, then Agatha’s fall directly coincides with He Who Remains dropping a pen. This may not mean much other than the showmakers showing off their skill. But it is enough of a sync up for us to speculate on the ramifications of Wanda’s transformation.


The Future

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If we think about it for a second, this entire sync up thing might be explained as Wanda becoming a reason for the collapse of the multiverse. Her powers and affinity to chaos magic are so strong that by the mere act of becoming The Scarlet Witch she gave Sylvie the opportunity that she needed. This also means that the future of the MCU might depend on what will Wanda do in the upcoming movies. Moreover, we think that the theory that she is the villain of Multiverse of Madness might be true because of her actions in Westview and how they have impacted the multiverse.


But none of this can be proven by us until the movie finally comes out. We enjoyed exploring the connection between Loki and WandaVision but we cannot wait to see what happens in the Multiverse of Madness. Will these sync-ups have a payoff in the future? Let us know what you think down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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