10 Best MCU Powerful Objects We’ve Seen In The Infinity Saga

Before the release of any MCU movie, fans argue if they have to wait for newer movies to confirm if more powerful weaponry is possible in this universe. Now we know the highest limits this franchise can cross. So now it is the best time to have a look at the weapons that are the most powerful. We will consider the best MCU weapons that can be used individually.

1. Captain America’s shield

Captain America uses his shield to defend himself against enemies. He can easily block anyone if he or she attacks. The shield is made of vibranium and it can also destroy big tanks. We have seen the shield defending Cap and destroying several things in the MCU. But the one being who was able to cut through it was Thanos.

2. Mjolnir

Thanos would have never been able to fight back if Captain America or Thor dropped the Mjolnir on him. The hammer has the power of Thor. It can summon a storm and charge lightning bolts against enemies. It is pretty strong even though Hela was able to destroy it, and some other powerful beings have also been able to defend themselves from its attack.

3. Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet with the six Infinity Stones was able to wipe out half of the universe. It can do anything wished by the wielder. The wielder can destroy and create life in a few seconds. It is the supreme weapon in the entire MCU and also in the Marvel Multiverse.

4. Gungnir

We all remember the spear Gungnir from Thor: Ragnarok. It was used before and taken out later because it would have made it easy to fight Thanos. Thor could have easily used Gungnir against Thanos. Gungnir has the power of Odin. He is the only powerful one in the universe to beast Surtur at full power.

5. Black Hole Grenades

If Black Hole Grenades ever returned to the MCU, it would have ended all the films in a few minutes. They create a vortex that sucks the victim inside and instantly kills him or her. It has enormous power limits. It was able to kill an enemy that was giving a beat down to Thor of all people.

6. Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker is that one weapon that nullified the offense from the Infinity Gauntlet. The weapon has no limits about how much it can penetrate since it sliced off Thanos’ head at once. Thanos was about to finish Thor with this but Captain America rescued him. Nothing is known about what or who can destroy Stormbreaker.

7. Yaka Arrow

We all saw Yondu killing a lot of guys with just the Yaka Arrow in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It is not necessary that the wielder should be present in the area of attack. The Yaka Arrow can be used from anywhere. A single hit is lethal to anyone and can also harm someone like Captain America. It has a fin, without which, it is completely useless. Using that fin needs an extreme level of mastery.

8. Iron Man’s armor

The Iron Man’s armor has everything. I must mention here about the Iron Legion that has things like repulsors and Unibeam. It is usually a remote-controlled army. Hulkbuster is also a very powerful suit. Tony has always been a weapons manufacturer. He just personalized a few weapons.

9. Necrosword

Hela made a big mess when she made her entry in Thor: Ragnarok. She never got close to exhausting her supply of Necroswords. It’s because they naturally came to Hela. She produced them at will for melee combat or throwing at her opponents. She killed every last one of the legendary Valkyries with them. If the Avengers went together against her, she could have easily killed them with Necroswords.

10. Thanos’ sword

Thanos’ sword doesn’t have a name yet. But it was very much powerful. He destroyed a vibranium shield. This happened for the first time in MCU history. It was able to withstand attacks by Scarlet Witch and also harm Captain Marvel. Thanos was able to beat Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America with this sword.

So these were the best MCU Weapons we’ve witnessed in the Infinity Saga. Which of them is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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