Will Infinity Gem lead to the origin of Captain Marvel in MCU?

Marvel Cinematic universe will include 68 characters who will make an appearance in the last two Marvel Phase 3 movies, the consistent trend with Marvel movies is first the solo movie launches the character, and then it is brought into the ensemble superhero movie, for instance, Ant-Man, Thor, Iron-man, Hulk, Captain America etc. Black Panther, Spiderman and now Captain Marvel are good examples of a reverse trend. The Russo brothers have made it clear that Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers will be in Avengers Infinity war and Avengers 4 to be released in May 2018 & May 2019.


In Marvel comics, Carol Danvers is an airforce pilot who met with a major accident that led to her DNA getting mixed with an alien which gave her super-strength. She is also famous for being a female superhero who aggressively fight for equal pay for women. The Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson (Room, 21 Jump Street, Rachel in Community TV series) is confirmed to play the iconic female superhero Captain Marvel as part of Phase 3 and Phase 4 of Marvel cinematic universe.


She will make her debut in Avengers Infinity War much like Tom Holland’s Spiderman. She may gain her powers soon unlike him who is not fully aware of his abilities. On a power level, she is equivalent to Vision or Scarlett Witch, popularly known as Wonder woman of Marvel universe.


The Marvel studios is planning to give an entirely different origin story to Captain Marvel. The studio believes the character’s origin story has striking similarities to Green Lantern (Hell Jordan). In the most recent comic-book version, Carol Danvers was caught in a giant explosion with the Creed device that infused her with cosmic energy. There is a strong possibility that we may see an Infinity gem responsible for her transition from an airforce pilot to a superhero. There are two possible scenarios – either she is an airforce pilot who comes into contact with infinity gem (most likely Soul gem) or she is already a powerful being trying to understand her new persona. We will have a definitive answer in the post-credits of Dr. Strange and Thor: Ragnarok. CHEERS!

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