4 WTF Batman Moments From DC Rebirth

DC Universe has brought a whole different range of Batman stories with bizarre plot turns, Robin dying again and again and sometimes Batman too. But we have to be totally honest about the changes happened in Batman line similarly like the Superman line did. But the changes come to fruition well with Superman, not with Batman. The changes have not been so great. But then DC took an interesting turn and introduced the Rebirth line, which treated the ending of New 52 as its initial point. Since from the silver age, this was one of the most crazier rushes of Batman insanity, bring the element of sex, violence and another Robin death. Poor he is.So, take a look at four best Batman instances from Rebirth line.

  1. Superman and Batman

4 Amazing Batman Instances From DC Rebirth

A complex relationship between Batman and Superman and the thing that their parent was murdered when they were very young, New 52 showed it all. But this time in Rebirth line, their relation have been a little mature than ever. This time the original Superman is replaced by an older version of him. Now there is a young Batman and old Superman, but there is one thin in common. Their sons are of almost same age.

2. Batman kills Lobo

Lobo is one of the grittiest characters of DC universe. And this time Batman blows off his head in ‘Justice League vs Suicide Squad’ event. Now here is The Dark Knight gets really sick. He feels offended by the inclusion of Lobo in the team, and that’s when he takes one of the brain bombs of Amanda Waller and blow his head off his body. Really ? Next time he gets sick, I will do the same. He really needs some strong dose to stop this.

3. Burning plane over Gotham City

Well, this time Tom Hardy gives Batman a more resolute personality. This time, Batman’s aircraft explodes fall all the down towards the Gotham city. It all happened when Batman was right at the roof top with Mr. Gordon. But don’t forget that The Dark Knight is a tech-savvy superhero. With the help of his Batmobile, he changes the direction of descending plane away from buildings.

4. Batman scares firefly

Shadows and dark night are two elements when attaching with Batman, scares the shit out of anyone. But during the day time, and with that, him standing in the middle of a cornfield is just really absurd. The time Batman picks up a chainsaw against Black Spider, it was totally scary for Firefly when Batman just looks at him making him run away.

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