Which is the Most Powerful MCU God? All MCU Gods Explained

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always wanted to explain everything with the power of science. All unexplained phenomena in the MCU have always been categorized by the characters as “science we don’t understand” by using arguments that barely qualify as ‘hand-waving’. But now all MCU Gods have been given an air of divinity. Even the Thor franchise embraced the chaos with Ragnarok. But the real question is, who among all MCU Gods, is the strongest? Is it the Asgardians, The Celestials, The Wakandan Gods, or the Egyptian Gods?


The Asgardians are an old alien race in the MCU. They first interacted with humanity during the era of the Vikings. Back then the Nordic people mistook these beings for Gods. We were told this in the first phase of the MCU, but now this has been retconned and the Asgardians have been established as Gods. Odin is the all-seeing, Thor is the ruler of the sky, and Hela is the Goddess of Death. There is no doubt about it. As the ruler of the Asgardians Odin was blessed with the Odinforce, a mysterious power that made him omnipotent. Fan Theories and source material suggest that Thor will soon get a version of this power called the Thorforce that will make him all-powerful.


The Greek Gods

All MCU Gods

The Norse Gods were only the start for the Thor franchise as Love and Thunder are said to introduce Russell Crowe to the MCU. Crowe will be playing the Greek God of the sky, Zeus. Zeus is the leader of the Greek Pantheon of Gods, who are also known as the Olympians for they reside atop Mount Olympus. The only problem is that Zeus rules lightning but this element belongs to Thor in the MCU. We think that Zeus’ introduction in the MCU will start with this conflict and will escalate into Thor discovering the power of the Thorforce to defeat Gorr and Zeus.


Egyptian Gods

The Ennead or The Egyptian Pantheon is riddled with powerful Gods. Both Osiris and Atum are more than capable of razing the entire world in one swift move. Khonshu has already displayed immense healing abilities and the power to manipulate the sky. We still do not know the limit of the powers of these beings but they are not bound by our laws of nature. I say this because these beings reside in the Othervoid so it becomes hard to assess the true extent of their power.


Bast And Wakandan Gods

We have seen another Pantheon in the MCU which regularly interacts with the human race. I am talking about the Wakandan Gods and the panther God, Bast. Bast is an interesting beast because she was part of the ennead in the comics but the MCU has made no such connection up until now. We think that the Wakandan Gods are separate entities and The Black Panther is some form of Avatar for Bast. She blesses the leader with incredible power through the heart-shaped herb and promises them a safe and peaceful after-life for their efforts. Other than that she has not shown a whole of powerful potential that would have her compete with all MCU Gods.


The Celestials

Interestingly, if we are to go by the source material then the most powerful out of all MCU Gods are The Celestials. These massive powerhouses are like the engines of the universe. They do not work on combustion energy but actually produce cosmic energy which allows the universe to subsist over time. The Celestials are the sentries that create intelligent life and then feed off on it. They are extremely powerful and extremely old and they cannot be defeated by anything in the universe unless it has a bigger power signature than them. Up until now, only the Infinity Gauntlet had such power in the MCU.


Which among all MCU gods did you use to think was the strongest? tell us your thoughts down in the comments box.

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