5 Superheroes That Were Not Born With Super Powers

There are some superheroes that are born with superpowers, while some like Batman who doesn’t ever have superpowers, while there are some who acquire superpowers. Here is a list of such superheroes:


A nuclear physicist, Dr. Bruce Banner was working for the U.S. Govt. making Gamma bombs, this is exactly when an irresponsible teen comes running towards the bomb and Banner, in order to save him pushes him to a trench, coming directly into contact with the bomb himself, with Gamma radiations all over him, alright at that time later that night he transforms into the Hulk.


We all know how the webhead got his powers. While on a field trip, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive Spider, very much like Dr. Bruce Banner, at that time nothing happens to the future superhero. But later that day he feels different and we know how that went. Parker wasn’t the only one though who got bitten by the spider. Cindy Moon, who later became the superhero Silk was also bitten by the spider.


The son of Doctor Silas Stone, when comes in contact with an alien, who comes out when his parents are experimenting is left mortally wounded and his father has to use the mother box to save his life, which gives him an enhanced vision, durability, super strength and cybernetic powers.

Captain America


Steve Rogers, a scrawny young art student wants to serve his country during the World War but gets rejected every time due to his small size. He then, due to his persistence is selected by the General and is given the Super Soldier Serum that makes him be Captain America.


Wade Wilson when diagnosed with cancer, gets a bit desperate to prolong his life. He then signs up for the Weapon-X program and is injected with Wolverine’s self-healing strength. He not only becomes immune to cancer but also develops regenerative capabilities, his body gets covered in Blisters though.

Honorable mentions: The Thing, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Iron Fist and Doctor Strange.

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