15 Insane Things Black Panther Suit Is Capable of Doing

The hype for Black Panther is going insane and one of the reasons people are so excited about the movie is the amazing tech Black Panther and Wakanda are bringing in this movie. One part of the amazing 3rd world technology the movie will possess is the suit Black Panther will be wearing this time around. The Civil War suit was also awesome but this time it is a whole new thing which we have not seen in the MCU ever. But what‘s even crazier is the abilities the Black Panther suit has in the Marvel comics. Here are the most insane things Black Panther’s suit can do.

Vibranium Micro-Weave Mesh

As we know Vibranium is the strongest metal on Earth in the Marvel Universe. It is found pretty rarely, is versatile, and not bound by the laws of physics. Wakanda is the only place where Vibranium is available in abundance. That is how this African nation has become the most technologically advanced country throughout the world.

Vibranium is one of the unique elements used in Black Panther’s suit, specifically in the micro-weave mesh. This mesh absorbs the momentum of any projectile fired at the person wearing the Black Panther suit. That is how BP is able to take hits as hard as a tank missile as well. It also prevents the suit wearer from any kind of stab attacks.

Suit Manifestation

If we look at the Iron Man suits, Tony has to carry around something that allows the suit to form around his body. In Iron Man 2, it came out of a briefcase, in Iron Man 3, it came in parts and the tech kept on getting better and better.

The Black Panther suit, on the other hand, does not need to be carried around in any way. The amazing technology it has allows the suit to form around his body anytime he wants through nano-technology. In the movie, the suit forms around T’Challa as it comes out of his necklace. Even Tony will take this tech from Black Panther in Infinity War.

Energy dampening boots

One might be curious that how is Black Panther able to jump the heights he usually does and land on his feet without any injury whatsoever. Well, he is able to do so with his energy dampening boots.

With these boots, Panther is able to defy both gravity and physics because the soles of his boots have a Vibranium lining and energy regulators that create a field which enables him to land safely. The suit also allows T’challa to run of water or walk on walls if he has a bit of momentum behind him. So, T’Challa can do what the Flash can do, but only slower!

Lens Cuts Glare and More

The lenses installed in the Black Panther suit are able to cut any sort of light and glare that may distract T’Challa if he is not wearing the suit. Along with that, it allows him to see very clearly during nights and in low lights.

The sight actually gives him an advantage over his opponents at any time throughout the day. Also T’Challa himself has skills that are at the peak of what any human could possibly have, and the suit just enhances his skills making it impossible for the opponents to counter.

Anti-Metal Claws/Energy Tips

Well, most of the Black Panther fans know how the claws in the suit work as we saw in Captain America Civil War, that the claws were able to scratch on metals as hard as Vibranium and even cut through metals.

Along with that, the claws also have the ability to generate a small amount of energy to further enhance the power of the Anti-Metal. And the best thing about these claws is that he can use them as firepower to hit an enemy at a distance since he does not have anything to fire in his suit.



One thing you might find better in the Iron Man suit is the Artificial Intelligence installed within the suit. Well, most fans don’t know that Black Panther’s suit is no less in this aspect as well.

As Wakanda is a technologically advanced nation, a Supercomputer was a small thing to be installed in the suit as it is equipped with a PDA referred to as a Kimoyo Card. This SC allows Black Panther to seek any information he needs while he is on a mission and this proves that it is no less than an AI.

It Changes Shape

Since the Black Panther Suit is installed within the Necklace that T’Challa wears, the nano-tech involved in the suit allows the suit to form any shape it needs to in order to cover the person that is wearing the necklace or where ever the tech is installed.

Just as in the movie we can see that T’Challa and Killmonger have suits that have similar abilities, as the suits are not tailor-made to fit someone with the exact size, they can form around anyone who wears it.

It Charges with Kinetic Energy

You might be wondering how the ‘Black Panther’ suit is so stealthy and swift and is even able to take up hits from individuals as powerful as the Hulk. Well, one more thing to think about over here is that where does all the energy taken up from these hard hits go.

The intense thing over here is that the suit acts as a power source and absorbs Kinetic Energy to charge the suit and use this against the opponents. So in a way Black Panther is able to use the energy and strengths of his opponents against them.

Different Types of Black Panther Suit

Just like Iron Man and Batman, T’Challa also has different kinds of Black Panther Suit in his armory. In the MCU, we have only seen two of the suits T’Challa has, but in the comics, there are a lot more.

One of his suits is designated specifically for space travel, with the helmet featuring a Black Panther’s face with its mouth in mid-roar that serves as a visor, while one of his suits is similar to Iron Man’s Hulkbuster which is made up to take on the Hulk. Another suit of his known as “Heavenly Armor”, is lightweight and offers him other defenses and abilities that his regular suit does not and one of the suits actually allows him to fly.

Energy Wave/Pulse

As the suit absorbs Kinetic Energy, BP uses it in various places and one of the ways that he uses it is by creating an energy pulse or wave. It looks visually stunning and can be used very effectively.

Even in the trailers of the upcoming movie, we have seen a particular sequence where BP jumps high in the air doing a summersault and lands on a different car crashing the car he took flight off completely. This happened because of the energy wave created by the Black Panther Suit.

Hard-Light Shield

As we know that the suit charges as T’Challa moves or is exposed to a lot of projectiles and fire powers, he can use that energy to literally harden light into a shield. Well, that is just insane!

T’Challa can use this shield to protect anybody nearby or anyone who is along with him as he himself would not need the shield because of the strength the suit itself possesses. This comes as a very handy trick and allows T’Challa to be the hero that he is.

Panther Goddess Link

One might think that the suit may be accessible by anyone who gets it hands over it. This is so not true as not anyone can just wear the Black Panther suit. The person who wears it goes through a ceremony as it is the regalia which is given to the chieftain of the Wakanda Panther Cult, the highest position in Wakanda, as that Chieftain must also serve as the King of the nation as well.

Before getting the Regalia, the person up for it must contend with the Panther Goddess, Bast. T’Challa had beaten the one who was Black Panther before him and had heart-shaped herb that imbued him with his enhanced abilities. That is what links him to Bast and have the actual powers like a Panther.

Cloaking Technology

While the Black Panther Suit is pretty stealthy and provides camouflage during the night time, it is effective during the day as well because of the Cloaking technology the suit has.

T’Challa uses this in the comics very effectively as people are not able to see him coming. This happens through the kinetic energy the suit absorbs as is used in cloaking and making stealth attacks.

Energy Daggers

We haven’t seen BP using the blades in the movie as he was using more of his Claws during the Civil War. This felt as if he was trying to keep his fight pretty basic in order to avoid killing anyone except Bucky. But he is known for using these in the comics.

What’s so special about the blades that are used by T’Challa is that they are completely made up of energy. These blades can either stun or even kill the opponents, leaving them either fatally wounded or even dead!

Teleportation Device

We have not seen this much in the MCU as we only saw it through the Magic of Doctor Strange of the Bifrost on Asgard. But, T’Challa is one of the most intelligent people on the planet and is a brilliant physicist, so he has been able to form a Teleportation device.

Black Panther Suit

He installed this device in his suit which allowed him to reach and exit places that were impossible to reach in a quick span of time. This tech along with the rest of the powers that T’Challa’s suit has makes him completely invincible!

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