Will Thor Wield A New Weapon In Avengers Infinity War

Viewers who have already watched the latest adventure of the God of Thunder will be well aware of the fact that he suffered more than a few personal losses during Thor Ragnarok. For starters, Thor’s trusty hammer, Mjolnir, was destroyed into pieces by the goddess of death, Hela who also happens to be his sister. Apart from that, he also lost his father, an eye, and even his home, yet he somehow managed to beat Hela and rescue most of the Asgardians. One of the interesting things we learned from the movie is that Thor doesn’t need a hammer or Mjolnir to channel his lighting and thunder abilities. It was none other than the spirit of his father that taught him to channel his power without a weapon. This, in turn, made the God of Thunder a lot more powerful and he was even able to counter the attack of Hela with the help of this newly gained knowledge.

However, as we are moving into the Avengers Infinity War, the God of Thunder is still without his favourite Mjolnir or any other weapon. Nevertheless, a new popular fan theory floating around the web claim that Thor will wield a new weapon, which is most likely going to be an axe in the Infinity War movie. The speculators even believe that the newly crowned king of Asgard might even pay a visit to the realm of the dwarves, Nidavelir.

Back in the month of February, Marvel had posted a video that highlighted the beginning production of Avengers Infinity War. One particular piece of concept art revealed by Marvel showed Rocket Raccoon of Gaurdians and Thor fighting side by side.

Even though, the weapon in the hand of Thor is not clearly displayed in the concept part, it is pretty much clear that he is no longer holding the Mjolnir. This was the first hint given by Marvel to fans to let us know that the mighty hammer of Thor will not be around much longer. Odinson/Thor has been wielding the famous axe Jarnjborn in the Marvel comic books for quite a few years.

Hence, it was believed that the God of Thunder will most likely pick up such a weapon at some point during the Infinity War. This will help him to fight battles that require traditional weapons and his fighting skills.

You might have already seen the above image from the first trailer of Avengers Infinity War, If you have seen it, then you might be probably wondering what Thor is up to. From the image, it is clear that Thor is in a severe amount of pain and a significant amount of energy is also erupting behind him.

We need to remember the fact that we do not see Thor in the earth, which means that he will be in space for the most part of the movie.

Moreover, the Asgardian ship that carried Thor, Hulk, Valkyrie, Korg, and Loki was intercepted by the giant vessel of Thanos. So, the bodies lying dead on the ground right before Loki hands the Infinity Stone to Thanos might be Asgardian survivors and things might have gone horribly wrong for Thor when he meets Thanos.

Thor might have somehow managed to escape or it is also possible that Thanos threw him away across the space. Either way, Thor eventually meets the Guardians of the Galaxy and decides to forge a new weapon to get ready for Thanos. Thor will head right to Nidavelir with the Guardians and forge a new axe for himself.

The dwarves of Nidavelir are the best weapons forgers in the Marvel universe and most of the Asgardian weapons including Mjolnir were forged by the skilled dwarves of Nidavelir. However, when Thor visits the Nidavelir, he learns that the place is abandoned, which urges him to take matters into his own hands. So, he uses the space forge and creates a new weapon.

On the other hands, some Marvel comic book fans also claim that the God of Thunder will have to put himself through a personal sacrifice or struggle to forge the weapon, which is why he looks to be in a great deal of pain in the trailer. However, we will need to wait for the second trailer or even the movie itself to learn more about Thor’s new weapon.

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