The Fate of Thor and All Other Asgardians Gods Are Predetermined (Even In The MCU)

The MCU is full of interesting characters from all walks of life. We have teenage superheroes and we have Gods that have existed for thousands of years. It is a mixed bag of beautiful personalities that intermingle to create the central storyline of the MCU. Marvel has always tried to explain the “magic” and “supernatural” part of their universe as a derivative of science. For example, they explain Asgardians as an advanced species whose science is indistinguishable from magic. Even with Doctor Strange, they tried explaining magic as computer programs of energy. But we now have a theory that may shine a light on the fate of Thor.

Thor is the God of thunder in Norse mythology. His name comes from the Old Norse word for thunder. It was used to signify the concept of a storm with lightning and all. The old text details God as a giant-killing battle veteran. MCU’s version is a little different but the inspiration from the old text is readily apparent. The most interesting part of this is a theory by Redditor u/InternationalRuin760 which they posted on r/FanTheories. This theory proposes an interesting point that relates the fate of MCU’s Thor with that of his mythological counterpart. Let’s break it down piece by piece. Some part of it has been reproduced below for your perusal. Please take a look.


The Fate of Thor

The Redditor writes:

“These gods can only do what they are Gods of.

Thor tries to be king in the first movie, realizes that he isn’t meant to be king yet. He thinks that he is not ready yet. And after seeing Loki becoming batshit crazy trying to be king. Thor realizes that he will never have what it takes to be king Because he isn’t built for it. So, He asks for freedom to be the adventuring God of thunder at the end of the second movie.

Then, when he is forced to be king after Ragnarok and infinity war, He struggles and dithers. He finally realizes he is not ready to be king because he was never meant to be a king. He is supposed to be the God of thunder and chooses to be himself at the end of Endgame.”


This is an interesting thought and is very close to the premise of an alternate reality in the Marvel comic multiverse titled Earth X. In The Earth X reality the Gods change with the belief of their worshipers. Their existence is determined by the belief of their followers. But the Redditor is suggesting a version of the story where God’s titles determine their actions. If Hela is the Goddess of death then she must cause death.


Similarly, Odin must be the wise ruler and Thor must be free just like thunder. It is the fate of these Gods to be as such. They are made out be the personification of the concept that they represent. Hence, they cannot help but act in accordance with it. We cannot say that we agree with this assessment of the Redditor. But it is certainly an interesting thought that should be fleshed out and examined.


The Future

We think that the Gods are more than their basic nature, as Loki proves in Loki, but their basic nature is their character and the title they get for their powers. Thor’s powers are to control the lightning and the storms. He gets this power because the Old Norse folk saw him call down the thunder from the heavens. Thor is capable of doing this because thunder and lightning are his nature. Hence, he will always be better suited for adventure rather than ruling. This is what he does and how his character forever will be.


Seeing as how in Thor: Love and Thunder Jane will also get a taste of this power, she might be the right fit for the God of Thunder. If this theory is true then these two are the perfect fit for each other. Only an adventuring soul can harness the power of Thunder and hence Jane is of the same nature as Thor. We only hope to see some crazy team-ups in Thor 4. Let us know if you think this theory is viable down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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