Flash Season 2: A Whole New “Vibe”

The latest episode titled “Reverse Flash Returns” brought back the lost mojo of the show, there was the perfect balance between the superhero elements and family drama. As expected, we saw the arrival of Reverse Flash in Central city who hasn’t yet travelled back in time to kill Barry’s mother as he is still unaware of Flash’s true identity. But the most important character of the episode was Cisco Ramon who discovered the true potential of his meta-human abilities which makes him as one of the most powerful meta-humans.

Here are the 5 WTF moments from the episode:


Flash vs Reverse Flash Reloaded:


When Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) set foot in the Central city, Cisco had already vibed his presence and told Team Flash about him. This time Flash got the better of the Man in a Yellow suit and put him down for good at a meta-human prison. But in the end, he had to send him back to the future as his actions ruptured the timeline which wreaked havoc with Cisco’s health.

Cisco has the ability to vibe across time dimensions:


Wells found a trigger to stimulate fear response from Cisco and created super-glasses which made him vibe about the future events. But, he is no mutant who could see through the future anytime he wants, immediately afterwards he started bleeding profusely.


Jay Garrick Earth-1 Dopple-ganger is Hunter Zolomon:


Caitlin Snow suggested to Barry that it’s possible to save Jay’s life if she could replace his dying cells with healthy cells of his doppleganger from Earth-1. When she met Jay, he had already tried this idea and told her his DNA is mutated. He showed her his doppleganger, he is Hunter Zolomon.

Patty Knows Barry’s secret:


Patty used her investigating skills and figured out the true identity of Barry. She spotted him in Star labs and saw his case files, all of which were related to The Flash. She left Central city and made Barry admit that he is the FLASH.


Francine West is dying:


The wife of Detective West is slowly dying and her family is struggling to come to terms with it.


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